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Quiet some time ago I did a VBScript + CDO of this particular script -- that of course suffers from all the annoying pop-ups from Outlook.


Here is a version now that uses Redemption.


You run it using the standard sort of syntax:


MbxSummary.exe exch1 jeff1


The first parameter is the name of the Exchange server you want to hit, and the second is the name/alias of the mailbox.


Sample output:




**   Message Class Summariser.  **


Exchange Server: exch1

Mailbox Name   : jeff1

Start time: 05/11/2012 20:24:22

Message Class summary:

IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut : 21294 items.  Size : 40041439 (bytes) 39102 (Kb) 38 (Mb)

IPM.Appointment : 3 items.  Size : 10463 (bytes) 10 (Kb) 0 (Mb)

IPM.Contact : 1 items.  Size : 224 (bytes) 0 (Kb) 0 (Mb)

IPM.Note : 19 items.  Size : 84606 (bytes) 82 (Kb) 0 (Mb)

IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request : 1 items.  Size : 5073 (bytes) 4 (Kb) 0 (Mb)

Remember you will need to have Redemption installed, just the trial/demo version is fine (you'll get a pop-up once per day)

Working for

Adding new binaries which work nicely with Exchange 2013.

The way I've found for it to work is to try to login given the parameters, and if that fails, show the Outlook profile window (so you can pick a profile to connect to):


This might not be the final version :)