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Planning to design or modernize your backup infrastructure and cut costs? NetBackup appliances are the building blocks for quickly streamlining enterprise data protection. Impress your boss/customer with your design using Microsoft Visio. The Visio stencils for NetBackup appliances are available here.

Microsoft Visio Stencils for NetBackup Appliances

  1. Create folder My Documents\My Shapes\Symantec on your system where Microsoft Visio Professional is installed.
  2. Save the three stencils in My Documents\My Shapes\Symantec
  3. Use Microsoft Visio Professional to create drawings. The stencils may be accessed from File ==> Shapes ==> Symantec menu.


For NetBackup stencils, please check




Can u please share NetBackup stencils as well


A Symantec Visio Templetes would be so amazing! I hate to search for stuff like that but its absolutely needed! Pls give us more :p

I agree some NBU templates, as well as general Symantec ones would be much more appreciated than appliance templates...



I agree some NBU templates..Keep up the excellent work , I read few articles on this site and I think that your web blog is real interesting and Power to the People of excellent information

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I appreciate the feedback guys. We will look into non-appliance stencils as well.


Would love to see this soon...

I'd like to see these too

Could you also provide a 5000 appliance stencil?

Hi Marcel,

  Use 5020 stencil for 5000. The base model of 5020 is very similar to 5000 with the exception of capacity and NIC speed. From drawings perspective, they are identical.


abdul we are also waiting eagerly for NetBackup stencils as well


abdul... awaiting to hear for more stencils.soon...:-)

Thanks for you patience guys. You can download NetBackup stencils from here:

Thank you very much Abdul Rasheed

Gr8 Work Thanks !!

Any stencils for the BUE 3600 appliances?

I am checking with my BE counterpart. Stay tuned. 

Does anybody have the stencil for a 5220 with 6 X 1Gbe+2 X 10 Gbe + 6 X 8GB FC

TKs i hope for a long long time^^^^^^ remark:

Microsoft Visio Stencils for NetBackup Appliances has great shapes and functionaltiy - I really use it when i do class diagrams and sequence diagrams. But it makes product decription to be very clear.
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Are the stencils showing all the 'supported configurations' for the given appliance? I have a 5220 and will be adding cards, but do not see my 'target configuration' as an option in the stencil set.

2 port 10Gbe and 4 ports 8Gb FC, with a total of three cards. Working with an SE it sounded like the 2-port 10Gb card for slot 1 (yanking out the 4-port 1Gbe), and then a 2-port 8Gb FC card in slots 3 and 4.

We provide stencils for factory shipped configurations only. The absence of a configuration here (becuase of in field upgrade/changes) does not necessarily mean that you have an unsupported configuration. 


Thank you.