Backup & Recovery

We published visio stencils for NetBackup appliances a while back. Since then there had been requests for providing stencils for NetBackup objects as well. We heard you loud and clear. We are providing stencils for NetBackup master server, media server, clients and tape drives and robotic arms. More objects will come later. We wanted to get this to you right away. Enjoy!

Microsoft Visio Stencils for NetBackup

  1. Create folder My Documents\My Shapes\Symantec on your system where Microsoft Visio Professional is installed.
  2. Save the three stencils in My Documents\My Shapes\Symantec
  3. Use Microsoft Visio Professional to create drawings. The stencils may be accessed from File ==> Shapes ==> Symantec menu.


The stencils for NetBackup appliances can be downloaded here:


thanx alot abdul.. have been waiting for this since long... thankx alot for this :-)

thx for this. good work!


Gr8 Work THanks alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you integrate the stencils in the Symantec Whiteboard? That would be great.

Is there a chance to get stencils for Backup Exec as well?

Yes, this is in our agenda!

I am asking my BE counterpart to look into this. Can you also post that request as an idea so that members can vote? Appreciate the feedback.


Thanks for your reply.

Here is the link:


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Thank you Bill. You will hear from a collegue of mine through ideas portal. 


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