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I had a request from a customer to get a daily report whether all servers were backed up in a small matrix showing two weeks back. See the  attached screenshot sample_report.png

The attached report shows a matrix of colored squares one per server and day where green represents all backups succeeded (although after retries), Yellow means, 1 or more where partial and red means one or more failed. clicking on the square will list all the jobs of that date and client.

I used a windows server with WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL and PHP) to poll the nbdbjobs from the Linux NBU master. Load the new entries to the database and display the final daily status per server.
The attached PHP program is self-contained except for the plink.exe that is required to do the ssh to the linux server. You can get it from here

Of course if you run the script on your master server you do not need the plink.

The PHP script is compact and simple I didn't add too many comments as it is straight forward. you can run it with ?no_load to save refreshing the database for each run or you can offload the database refreshing and do it via cron or windows scheduler.

In order to run it copy sample.config.php to report.config.php and modify it to fit your setup.

If you do change/improve the program I'll love you share it with me.


Good Script