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This is a script to monitor Netbackup policy changes. It is extremely basic as I am not a programmer but it does meet my needs. It runs the bppllist command to an output that sets the benchmark and then when run on a daily basis it simply does a diff from the benchmark output.


Also, it creates a tarfile of the class (policies) directory and saves it for 30 days. This has helped eliminate the need for doing a restore when a policy is accidently deleted.


Backup policy
Wow, I was going to upload mine and I find you already put one here.
Using diff is also the same in my script !!!
But I did not think about keeping the tar ball to recover the class directories ... good idea.
Well, I'll upload mine anyway, and we can learn from each other's script.
Brilliant idea,

Was just wondering if anybody has the Windows equivalent of this script, its becoming trickier than i expected to convert this code, to implement on a batch file.

I am  looking for a way to reserve a drive for a client for backup and release it after backup is done.  This is needed, once drive is reserved for that particular client,  I have to shutdown client database  which takes 10-to 15 minutes. I have tape library and drives are busy all the time.
hi !

yes i am working on  the script both for windows as well as unix enviornment.

i track a few changes but i dont use diff in two files.. basically it only points out line .. and nothing else..

what if you added a  file system and removed some ..did some1 worked on it ..

i will update my script here soon.