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File attached helps you to calculate enterprise netbackup architecture design.

It helps in designing infrastucture for backup such as

1. Master server configurations

2. Number of media servers and configurations

3. Number of Tape drives required

4. Tape library configurations required

5. FC and ethernet bandwidth need for backups to complete in time window, etc.

*Not applicable for SMB as the decimals are not considered.




FC and ethernet info are not populated..... Seems there is break in formulae. Could u pls check

yes, eth&FC not data.. Whether can you add some data deduplication?


I havent done for Ethernet yet as it is taking time.

Posted this to get some feedback to make it better. :)


Thanks for the suggestions. will update the latest versions with the changes.



Here is the updated one with Ethernet and FC info.

Its optional to choose 10G ports to reduce the number of bundled 1G ports.

you can devide number of 1G ports by 10 and arrive at required 10G ports and recidue is number of 1G ports.


Hope this completes it.  smiley



What is the advantage of virtual tape librari ?

why u introduce storage lifecycle policy in netbackup what are the advantages of slp?


SLP is a storage configuration method to easy managing of storage copies after sizing and deploying your backup systems.
Storage lifecycle policy makes life easy managing multiple copies for backups, snapshots, duplication and replication including Auto Image Replication.

VTL is an option for disk based backups where disks are considered as virtual tapes and virtual drives which improves the read writes and reduces latency and tape drive overheads.


how to configer vtl in netbackup ?

is any one configer it ?

Hi there, VTL simulate e Tape Library, there is no difference,

I had configured a DataDomain w/ VTL, 

Remember that your data will be sent to DISK, so try reading about Open Storage (OST)


best regards

yes Good Job

Very Good Job

Very Good Praveen...Gives idea on how many we need to consider while buidling the setup and implementing





Hi Praveen,

Nice and useful document. Is it possible to update the documents. Since Data Domain in pic now.