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This is a report script that tracks changes from day-to-day. It provides more details than Deepak's script ( for those who want more. 

This is designed to run once per day via cron on UNIX systems.

how to run on windows ??

Someone might be able to convert it to windows powershell scripts, but I am not really a windows scripter.


I don't have NBU on UNIX/Linux machine. I can not compare my self.

Please Don can you compare your script with new audit trail in NBU 7.1?!

Thank you very much

I don't have 7.1 running anywhere yet... But when I get that running I will compare.

I haven't eyeballed this script yet, but I was wondering if it was able to report on the user that made the change.


No that information is not available via command line in NBU 7.1 that I know of.