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Hi all,


Recently, I had a request for Vault Store Partitions to be closed based on how large the file system is. EV doesn't do this out of the box but it does allow you to close using the Start-PartitionRollover powershell command. Attached is a script I've created to close any open partitions that exceed a given size limit. It also sends an email off to the administrator to let them know all about it.


The batch file attached will invoke the script while running with the EVShell console. You will need to change the directory in the batch file if you have installed EV in a non-default location. There are also a lot of variable at the very top of the script which need to be changed for each implementation. They are all commented but feel free to comment below if you need help with them.


The script required .NET 4.0 or higher and PowerShell 2.0 or higher on the EV server.

Happy partition rolling-over!

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The best time to run this script is off the back of a Vault Store backup.

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Cool script.

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nicely done ben. i'll have to give this a shot in my lab soon!

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Hi Ben,

this script seems to be really helpful.
Do you have any experience how long it takes for the script to count the size of large partitions of about 1 TB?


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Hi Jens,


I can't say that I've run it against such a large partition. Typically I wouldn't look at creating partitions larger than about 200GB. If I have 1TB of disk I would typically add a bunch of folders to it and create several partitions. This will usually help out with backups.



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