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Thanks for MR green

here is a script that returns a result like these

./  24

<policy_name>     <amount_backed_up_data_for_last_24_hours>


at the end the tolal amount of data.

that only runs over Linux/Unix/Solaris

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usefull if U want to know  the amount of data backed up per policy
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This looks great.  Do you also have one or is there a line to change that will show all clients or all policies to get a total amount for the last full of everything?



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this is the kind of things your boss ask you at 8:00am and it's waiting breathing down your neck...

very useful.

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$BPPATH/bpimagelist -A -L -policy $politica -hoursago $HOURSAGO 2>/dev/null | grep "^Kilobytes" |

Just change this line and will change the results.


try the bpimagelist --help to see what U'll need


I'll make another one with some options,


I had posted one about the Elapsed time, I used a lot to tune my backup window

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I have sent another downloads,


there is 2 more, one that list the total amout of ALL policy,

there is one that I really like but I don't know if it helps


there is one that list the Average time that all policies stays w/ Active status, and how many times each policy runs  in a period of time.


I don't work w/ netbackup everyday anymore, unfortunately, I have no where to test


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