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This script might be helpful for those of you who run two data centers and have to use Inline Copy to backup to 2 destinations simulteneously.

Sometimes you have to temporarily disable backups to one of the destination due to hardware/communication failure or to do some maintenance. This scenario leads you to disabling Inline Copy for the given set of Netbackup policies and then reenabling Inline Copy. Actually it is not that easy to drop Inline Copy for a policy in GUI, but as it comes to reenabling it this turns to be rather boring and time-consuming procedure. On top of that, while restoring Inline Copy for hundreds of policies, you might configure Inline Copy settings in a wrong way.

In order to tackle this issue, I have written a script that initially can be used for dumping the current Inline Copy configuration to a text file.
Later, when it comes to reenabling Inline Copy configuration, you use this file as a data souce to quickly and automatically restore the previous Inline Copy settings.

We've used this in-home tool for several months in our company and it works pretty good for us.

1. Script Language

2. Platform it works.

I am running windows master.. It would be very great if you mention the Script Language and Platform it works in the Details Section.

This will give users clear information,whether it is applicable for their environment. Time is valuable.

Everyone have to follow this procedure.

I know this will not work in our environment. but Others can save their time instead of downloading and check.
It should be usefull putting some example of using w/ the results.

Thanks about the script
The script is for running on Solaris-based master server and is written in Korn shell.
I'll provide the example of its use later as I get back at work.
Hi Anton,

        I liked the script is very nice and clean writen and very handfull for environments with 100's of policies with a lot of ITC implemented.

Great Script.
Thanks a lot for sharing.