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Here's the Powershell script that you can run from within the File Server to dump everything from the FSA VaultStore:

the attached file must be renamed into .PS1 to be executed though the Powershell console.
** Requires Powershell be installed on the File server
** Requires Powershells' execution policy be set to 'remote signed' this can be done by launching powershell and running
** set-executionpolicy remotesigned
** Once the actions are done, the execution policy should be set back to it's desired state
Extrace the Powershell file to a directory on the file server on which you wish to process.
To invoke the script simply run the following at the command line on the file server
C:\>powershell "& '**path**\ps.ps1'"
C:\>powershell "& 'e:\EV\Test\ps.ps1'"
User will be prompted to enter the path to process - and will be interactively prompted if 'best practice' setting are not already set on the file server (note if the settings are changed a cycle of the Placeholder service will be required, and the user will be prompted to do so - however if they answer no to the request to change the settings or cycle the service the script will exit.
The script will output a file named test1.txt in the same location as the script resides.
hope that helps.