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Hello All,

This is a Korn (ksh) script.

This script gives Tape usage report by Robot - Works for multiple Robots, robot types Slave servers, media types. Must be run on NetBackup Master server 

Note- Rename this file to .ksh from .txt
The carriage returns on the script need to be edited, but works well after.

Dear Deepak,

I am always stuck at below. I am on Netbackup 7.0 with Redhat 5.4.

/tmp> sh


Robot TLD(1)
Media Type   Volume Pool            Scratch in Robot      Total Tapes
----------   -----------            ----------------      -----------

Tapes out of Robots
Media Type   Volume Pool                     Scratch      Total Tapes
----------   -----------                     -------      -----------
Usage: vmquery [-h <EMM_server> | <volume_database_host>,...,
           -h <EMM_server> | <volume_database_host>]
           [-b | -w | -W | -l]
           -a |
           -m <media_id> |
           -v <volume_group> |
           -rn <robot_number> |
           -rt <robot_type> |
           -mt <media_type> |
           -p <pool_number> |
           -pn <pool_name> |
           -vltcid <vault_container_id> |
           -res <robot_type> <robot_number> <robot_control_host>
                <robot_coord1> <robot_coord2> |
           -assignbyid <media_id> <media_type> <pool_number> <status>
                       <assigntime> |
           -deassignbyid <media_id> <pool_number> <status>
CAUTION: The act of unassigning volumes may lead to inconsistencies
         between the application media database and volume database,
         leading to the possibility for data loss. You must expire the
         media from an application interface.