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Hi all,

This is a tool from my colleague Wayne.  It's been around quite some time, but, this is an updated version and can be pretty hand if you want to see what an item that has been archived looks like.

The tool is called SaveSetFetcher.

Put the EXE in the same folder as your EV Program files, or in the folder where the EV API has been installed if you want to run it remotely.

Then just double click on the file, and you'll see the simple interface:


You need to put in the ArchiveID

Then put in the TransactionID OR the SaveSetID

Then put where you would like the resulting file to be put and the name of it.  So this requires you to have some knowledge of the item you are retrieving.

Then click on Save


A second or so later you'll see the result on disk, and you'll see the Status: part of the window show whether it was 'okay' or not.

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