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This utility scans a file system for a given share and reports the original file size of both archived and non-archived files under an archive point.

  • This utility is only applicable for NTFS volumes which supports reparse point and sparse files.
  • This utility will not validate whether placeholders have been moved.

The utility should not open the files, and therefore not trigger a recall, with certain AV products its possible this utility may cause a recall of the files.

If this occurs stop the Placeholder Service on the targeted File server or place the Fileserver into backup mode (documented in the EV Release documentation)


Run the utility specifying volume as target along with –ArchiveUsage (WARNING: -v will produce verbose output, do NOT use any other of the switches)

FSAPHScan.exe –ArchiveUsage <LOCALVOLUME>


FSAPHScan.exe –ArchiveUsage \\?\UNC\<SERVER>\FOLDER (this will function over CIFS and be slower than executing locally)

A TSV report will be created in the present working directory of the utility in the following format:.




Archived Files Original Size (KB)

Non-Archived File Original Size (KB)





In verbose mode the report looks like this:

\\?\UNC\FS1\Shares\Nathan\FileSpy - Copy (4).exe(Created:19/10/11 12:19:32 GMT, Size:838144, Reparse point, Sparse, Offline):Valid EV PH
\\?\UNC\FS1\Shares\Nathan\FileSpy.exe(Created:19/10/11 09:27:41 GMT, Size:838144):Not an EV PH