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A brief 5 minute overview of what's new in NetBackup 6.5.4.  If you want a deeper dive, sign-up the July 17th webcast.  You can find the registration link at on the right hand side of the screen in the webcast window shade.

Peter Elliman
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please i need to extract NetbacKup 6.5.4 on NetBackup 6.5 and i nee to know the procedures and the command to do this task with solaris10 OS
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Do you mean update NetBackup 6.5 to 6.5.4
  1. Visit this technote of NetBackup Manuals for 6.5 and release notes for 6.5.4 ( ) and download the installation guides and release notes.
  2. Visit this technote and follow the links to download the relevant updates for Solaris ( )
For Solaris I would download the following
NB_CLT_6.5.4.tar provides updates for NetBackup 6.5 for all UNIX clients

and choose either

NB_6.5.4.solaris.tar provides updates NetBackup 6.5 on Solaris SPARC servers
NB_6.5.4.solaris_x86.tar provides updates for NetBackup 6.5 on Solaris x86 servers


provides an update to NetBackup 6.5 Java on UNIX platforms

Once downloaded, copy them all to the same directory on a file system large enough on the master server, extract each of them ( tar xvf NB_nnnn.tar ) and execute the install script in the directory. Follow the prompts and after that you should be updated on the master to 6.5.4

Note: I would stop or deactivate any media servers running netbackup. prior to running the update on the master.
Then at a later date or after the master update your media servers the same way choosing the correct NB update for the OS NetBackup is installed.

You would have to download other options updates depending upon what you have already installed. So Oracle Agents, SAP agents etc.

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How to download other web cast events ?

Level 3

Hi All,

I want freshly install Netbackup client 6.0 or 6.5 or 7.0 on Solaris  box. Can any one post me where I can get this software.

( Not upgrade - Need to install freshly ) - Newly bulided Solaris box.

- Thanks in advance.

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I want to shear my opinion with you that the presenter of this webcast gives quick overview of key features in the latest release of Symantec's leading data protection solution, Veritas NetBackup 6.5.4. The attendee will learn how this newest release continues to expand Symantec's protection capabilities for virtual platforms and Microsoft environments, as well as offering greater manageability and increased storage efficiency......

What do you think......


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