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I wrote this particular tool quite some time ago, and thought I had already created a download item for it - but apparently not.  It was written during a time that I started to experiment with the Redemption toolkit, for Outlook.  Redemption is done by the same guy that did Outlook Spy.

Redemption is needed for this project.  You can get it from :

The tool is written in C# with Visual Studio 2010.  It should be possible to mimic this in pretty much any .Net language and any flavour of Visual Studio.  It's currently built with .Net framework 4.0, but it should be possible to use 'older' versions.

What the tool does is as follows :

  1. Logon to a specified Mailbox, on a specified Exchange server.
  2. Get the default Contacts folder
  3. Process each hidden message in that folder, looking for the Enterprise Vault Filter Message.
  4. If the message is found we output the properties of the Message

The tool can be run with a debug mode flag so you can see what it is doing.  And it can be run with the NAME of a folder, and instead of latching on to the default contacts folder it will attempt to process the named folder.  (I have not tested that extensively !)

I have included two attachments:

  1. The main executable
  2. The source code

If you want to build the tool from scratch you need to :

  1. Install Redemption
  2. Open the solution in Visual Studio, and check you do not get any unresolved references << Particular towards Redemption
  3. Build it

Additional Notes:

I have not tried this with Exchange 2010..  Only 2003 and 2007.


When you run the tool you can do this:


ContactsChecker.exe 0 michal1 exch1.ev.local
And you get the following output:



Message Class: IPM.EnterpriseVault.Filter.evault1.EV.Local

Attr: Archive ID : 119FB78E1ED234B40A21855C36788B1B91110000evault1.EV.Local

Attr: ArchiveFolderId : 1A913CC61BBBEA742BC2A0DCDE8D3FD5F1110000evault1.EV.Local




Working for

what's a use case for this tool?

The use case is that you can ...

a/ See how Redemption works

b/ See if a folder (or folders) have Enterprise Vault filter messages on them, or not (when perhaps they should have, or not)