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Holiday List Creator for Backup Exec

Backup Exec 2012 and 2014 offer possibilities to import holidays into the configuration in order to exclude those days from having backup jobs run. Unfortunately, there's no possibility to use wildcards in the import files, which makes the creation ...

CarolineKiel by Level 6
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Select multiple backups at once in history window opscenter

    Hello Anne, I have your case in the US Support center.  If you need to continue in your time zone, please call the Support number. Under 'Select files or directories - Browse' you can browse for a file and then click the Backup History Selectio...

Clients at Risk

This reporting script generates a report for clients that have had problems backing up for: The past 2 consecutive days The past 3 consecutive days No backups for the past 7 days No backups for the past 24 hours Error code 196 (Window Closed) # Pur...

Netbackup Detailed Changed Policies Report

This is a report script that tracks changes from day-to-day. It provides more details than Deepak's script ( for those who want more.  This is designed to run once per day via cr...

Policy Change - Details script

There is no mechanism in netbackup to track the changes in the policies. We can get the details of the modified policies only from the OS level. This script can be added in the crontab and  when executing it will find the policies which were changed...

Deepak_G by Level 6
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Import tape to first empty slot in a robotic library

Following a discussion in the forum, attached is a pair to scripts to import a tape in the portal to the first empty slot of the library.  It is a refinement of script first posted by JaapT.  This script caters for installations which do not use barc...

pkh by Moderator
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What's New in NetBackup 6.5.4 Podcast (5 mins)

A brief 5 minute overview of what's new in NetBackup 6.5.4.  If you want a deeper dive, sign-up the July 17th webcast.  You can find the registration link at on the right hand side of the screen in the webcast window shade....

Peter_E by Level 4
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Script to Configure VSS as a Snapshot Provider

Hello Guys, I think you would have looked at my Article "Low Disk Space" and some of you may intersted in enabling VSS as a Snapshot Provider. But you may lazy and worry to to do this...


This simple script I wrote creates a file system with many small files, for use to illustrate the benefits of NetBackup's FlashBackup functionality, which does a raw disk backup of the file system (very fast), but also gets the file system's metadata...

TomerG by Level 6
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NetBackup and _vxfiVspCacheFile

NetBackup has an add on called 'OTM' this stands for Open Transaction Manager and it backs up open files by copying them byte for byte into a special file called _vxfiVspCacheFile. Sometimes NetBackup does not do the decent thing and delete this file...