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Creating Calendar Items for Testing

A small script that I needed in order to test Calendar archiving.  To use the script open Outlook as a test user, and run the script.  It will create 500 test appointments lasting 1 hour over the last 20 days.

Checking non-standard folder permissions

Several times I login to some of my repro environments and see all sorts of folders listed in Archive Explorer from historic repro's where I've played with folder permissions.  Sometimes I just want to know what I've set and where, but there wasn't a...

Get all List of all Archives and all relevent information

Get all List of all Archives and display the following: -- Mailbox -- Exchange Server -- Number of Items (Mailbox) -- Number of (Archive) -- Mailbox Size (MB) -- Archive Size (MB) -- Total Size (MB) -- Archive Created -- Archive Updated

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Exchange 2007 Server Sizing Collection Script for EV

Please find below the script given to print following report from Exchange 2007 1. Number of mailboxes 2. Display Name 3. Mailbox Size 4. Number of items per mailbox 5. Name of the server Please replace only <exch-servername> with host name of Exch...

Enterprise Vault 8.0 Backup Scripts

Here are a couple of backups scripts I have created for use with Enterprise Vault 8.0. The scripts are used for setting/clearing the backup mode for all index locations and vault store partitions in a site. Also included in the scripts is a method fo...

BigPhil by Level 5
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