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DMP Longer Boot Time on Windows 2003

Level 2

I have DMP running on Windows 2003, Connect to EMC Clariion SAN Storage.
When I reboot the Server it takes about 3 to 4 Hours, just to boot the Server.

I tried to boot the Server disconnected from SAN it boots Quick in 10 Min.
I am trying to Figure how to minimize the boot time while connecting to SAN.

Has anyone faced this type of Problem before.

If possible let me know the tunning of the server boot up quickly


Level 4
If you have hundreds of LUNs on the SAN storage that may take a long time for Windows to recognize them on boot. If you need all the storage,try reducing it to fewer, bigger LUNs. If you don't need to see all the LUNs, try zoning them so that the Windows box sees only the ones it's supposed to use. That should help.

Level 2
I know , but when I use Powerpath, which is EMC Software instead of DMP , it boot of pretty Quickly in 10 min, then why it is not booting up in DMP.

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We are having a similar problem rebooting a Windows 2003 server with 4.3 MP1.  Did you ever resolve this issue?