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VXDMP on RHEL with Oracle RAC + ASM

Level 3

Hello Friends,


We are running ORACLE RAC + ASM on RHEL.

we are using VXDMP for RAW disk.

we have an issue with ASM disk access for Oracle RAC. On startup, ASM auto-discovers its disks. Due to the way multipathing is setup on these servers (relying on Veritas DMP) it finds the first active device path instead of finding a multipath instance for it.  

The problem we are trying to resolve here is that if the in-use path goes down (such as from a SAN online maintenance) then oracle panics and crashes due to the loss of disk access with ASM.

can you guys suggest me the solution to this?




Level 5

Can you please paste below commands ?

# oracleasm listdisks

# vxdisk -e list

# vxdisk path


Thank & Regads,