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facing issue in enabling VXDMP Path in Solaris BOX for specific new assigned LUN

Level 3

# vxdisk list emc_clariion0_945
Device:    emc_clariion0_945
devicetag: emc_clariion0_945
type:      auto
flags:     error private autoconfig
pubpaths:  block=/dev/vx/dmp/emc_clariion0_945 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/emc_clariion0_945
guid:      -
udid:      DGC%5FRAID%205%5FCK200072900175%5F6006006083AE1D0032AC66E8F96AEA11
site:      -
errno:     Configuration daemon error 6
Multipathing information:
numpaths:   2
c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2       state=disabled  type=primary
c2t5009011419C02E9Dd18s2       state=disabled  type=secondary

# /opt/VRTS/bin/vxdisksetup -i c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2
VxVM vxdisksetup ERROR V-5-2-3535 c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2: Invalid dmpnodename for disk device c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2.

Then I ran below command

vxdmpadm enable path=c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2
vxdmpadm enable path=c2t5009011419C02E9Dd18s2

and then

# vxdmpadm getsubpaths dmpnodename=c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2
c1t5009011919C02E9Dd18s2  DISABLED   PRIMARY      c1         EMC_CLARiiON  emc_clariion0     -
c2t5009011419C02E9Dd18s2  DISABLED   SECONDARY    c2         EMC_CLARiiON  emc_clariion0     -

But path is still in disable state


Level 3

I have even done the mapping and unmapping of the LUN... But still the same issue

Issue got resolved after labeling the disk but still not able to use initialize the disk through vxdisksetup then I user vxdisk init <diskname> Which initialized the disk then I add this new disk in DG and increase the volume size.


My question is " what is the exact purpose of "vxdisk init" as I haven't used it much. Is this also initialized the disk as vxdisksetup command do.


Now my another query is if "vxdisk init" command can initialized the disk also, then why I cannt  initialied the  disk through vxdisksetup command


I have also found some similar trick in below mention link


From this links I can see below step done by author which is quite similar to my issue


Prepare LUNs for Veritas use

#  /etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -f -i c4t20110002AC0086D2d29 
VxVM vxdisksetup ERROR V-5-2-43 c4t20110002AC0086D2d29: Invalid disk device for vxdisksetup


If you see above error, format/label disk with Solaris command "format" (this may not be necessary all the time). If vxdisksetup still doesn't work, try below command:

# vxdisk -f init c4t20110002AC0086D2d29

To add additional disk to DG:

#  vxdg -g <dg> adddisk <dg>_disk002=c4t201100xxxxxxxxxxxdx