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Backup Exec 12 Activation Error - Connection error has occurred

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Please help!

I am trying to activate license for my Backup Exec 2012 on Windows Server 2008. I have disabled (IE ESC) Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and there is access to internet. After Adding the Serial Number and clicking next, the Error comes up as " The serial numbers that you entered cannot be verified because either you do not have Internet Connectivity or the Symantec web service is unavailable" .



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Do you mean Backup Exec 12.0 or 2012 (two completely different versions)

I suspect 2012 - which is no longer a current version and used our old licening server (as part of Symantec)

To install and  use this version you would need your SLF files instead of your serial numbers. These SLF files were downloadable from the original licensing portal at the time of release , they might be available in the new Veritas portal which is available by clicking on licensing inside this link:

However, if you have prioblems logging in or can login and not find the license you would have to spoeak to our customer care team (on the phone) to see if they can assist.