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CCS V11 VMware data collection

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I have a fully updated CCS V11 installation and want to add VMware data collection to it.
The CCS V11 installation guide suggests that I need the BV Information Server for VMware component to be installed. It also points me to the V10.5 installation guide on how to install the required components. The installation procedure however has been updated significantly in V11 and does not not mimic the older versions.

Using the CCS suite installer of V11 I cannot install the BV Information Server components, moreover it looks like they are already installed by default.

What is the correct approach for setting up VMware data collection, what additional components are required to be installed?
Is there any more detailed documentation available for setting up VMware datacollection in CCS 11?

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CCS 11 was not supporting ESX/VMWare when it came out, so you could use legacy support from 10.5.


However with SCU 2012-3 : we released support for it.


There are 2 pdf but the most interesting is SCU_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf page 13