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Contrato de renovação Suporte NetbacK

Boa tardeCliente final esta com suporte expirado a 1 ano. Não concorda em compra novas licenças para ter suporte qual melhor opção para oferecer. 

Senha_PA2 by Level 0
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Need SF 6.0.5 for Solaris x86 download

We are replacing a customers V6 SFHA solution with a new Solaris x86 Infoscale Enterprise Cluster V7.3 solution which is only supported as long as we have SF 6.0.5. We have purchased some new Infoscale V7 Enterprise licenses to go with the existing 1...

TAPC by Level 3
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Backup Exec 12 Activation Error - Connection error has occurred

Hello,Please help!I am trying to activate license for my Backup Exec 2012 on Windows Server 2008. I have disabled (IE ESC) Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and there is access to internet. After Adding the Serial Number and clicking ...

Netbackup cleanup job pass with code 0 but no images has been deleted

hi,recently i manually expired somes images, to freeup a QUANTUM when i did it, and the cleanup job passed successfuly, i got this message in  the activity monitor of this job : 05/10/2017 16:51:57 - Info bpdbm(pid=5561) image catalog cl...

MagMan by Level 3
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Master and media in 5240 appliance

Hello Is that I can install the master role with Netbackup 8 and media netbackup version 7.6 on the same appliance 5240 version 3 cordially.

ME2017 by Level 1
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Enterprise Vault - Issues Restoring

I have one user who is having problems restoring from a delgate Mailbox he has Full Mailbox Access to.  Whenever he tries to restore an email he gets the error:'Could not process the selected items - Reason: A Server Error Has Occurred'Other users wi...

Where can I find Veritas template documents?

I am trying to get Veritas template documents for Enterprise Backup and Recovery, but I don`t know where to find these documents like requirements gathering document, implementation pre-engagement checklist, implementation acceptance test and impleme...

BE 16 FP1 Launch Webcast

There is a BE 16 FP1 launch webcast at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on Friday, April 28 where BE team members will talk about how this latest update solves the biggest backup challenges. Be sure to register for this webcast and get geared up for #OneB...

Exchange Mailbox Analyzer

Hello all, I read fro a document that Veritas provides several Analyzer tools. It should be accessible from the Partnernet but I don't find them.I'm looking for the Exchange Mailbox Analyzer. Is someone has a link  which is not broken? Thanks.

Backup Exec 16 Remote Agent installation failed

Hi,in my scenario i have backup exec 16 server under member of Ora_group. two client machines under menmber of same group. one client machine under a menber of worgroup. and one machine under a main company domain group. ora_group BE Server and clien...

mnakhan by Level 5
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System Recovery Licenses - whats the problem right now?

Hi, we are struggeling to buy Veritas Licenses, especially for System Recovery, for our customers right now. Our distributors tell us they don't receive ordered licenses from veritas themselves and we now even have orders cancelled by our distribut...

Enterprise Vault

How the Tasks are communicating with exchange mailboxes? Eg: journaling email are in exchange environment and it has been configured with enteprise vault with taskand mapped with system mailbox. But how the system mailbox was contact with journalin...

babu_sur by Not applicable
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Media Server Confiuration

Dear Experts, Kindly I need your help to solve the issue, please find the below information: - The Master Server is Solaris. - There are two Tape libraries connected with this media server through SAN switch. - I install their Drivers for both Co...

Does data lost when removing an RVG (VVR)

Dear all I need to remove the RVG from my configuration ( Article: TECH22254 ) then recreate (vradmin –g DG  createpri and vradmin –g DG  -f addsec datarvg vvr-serrver1 vvr-sever2) Does data lost when removing an RVG? Thanks in advance.

taoufik by Level 3
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Upgrade 10.0.4 to 11.0.1 (cu1) additional diskspaces needed for indexing etc?

Hi, Now that the Search engine has been completely newly designed in 11.0.1 version - does it require/use more space for indexing or any other part that I should prepair for? The disks are quite full so propably will need to add some anyway... Any ...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup Exec 2014 support for IP Less DAG protection Exchange 2013

Customer has implemented IP less DAG configuration of Exchange 2013 on CSV Hyper-V hosts W2K12R2 2 MBX nodes and now attempting to backup using BUE 2014. With no central management IP or DNS entry to use - what is the best method to add BUE protecti...

Jules_cb by Level 3
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Resolved! problem with my account manager

Hi all,   I don't know what to do anymore. I have urgent problems concerning the purchase of a certificate through Thawte, my Sales rep is from Symantec though. Ususally I am waiting as long as a week for his answer, and he doesn't reply to some o...

Baloo1967 by Not applicable
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