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360 Degrees of Protection: WebInformant Video Reviews of Symantec SMB Solutions

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The IT-related challenges small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face can be very different than those of enterprises.  SMB owners are likely juggling multiple roles as business owner and manager, lawyer, accountant, IT manager and HR manager.  And if an SMB is lucky enough to have dedicated IT staff, they also tend to be stretched pretty thin.

Last fall, we began a variety of SMB-specific initiatives, led by our dedicated SMB team, to help SMBs safeguard their information by providing 360 degrees of protection — from Web browsing and online transactions, to email and collaboration, to backup and recovery.  Our SMB customers are looking for speed, ease of deployment and a simple and easy user experience when selecting solutions to safeguard their information.  We’ve taken quite a few steps to develop products with these features top-of-mind, such as our on-premise and cloud SMB solutions and our small business-specific editions.

Industry veteran and longtime reviewer, David Strom, recently conducted video reviews of three of our flagship SMB products.  The videos provide a great, visual overview of the products’ interface and user experience for Backup Exec 2012 Small Business EditionBackup, and Symantec Endpoint

Here’s a quick recap of David’s takeaways for each product (and the links to the full video reviews):

Backup Exec 2012 Small Business EditionSymantec’s 2012 version has a complete user interface makeover that vastly simplifies the backup and recovery process, making it easier to automate backup and even save copies to cloud-based storage. There are major improvements to protect virtualized machines too.

Backup Exec.cloudSymantec’s backup service is easy to setup, can support multiple computers and keep track of previous file versions. It includes protection for both Windows desktops and servers, and is a reasonably priced cloud-based backup for small businesses, sold in 10 GB blocks at $69.96 per year.

Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloudSymantec’s Endpoint is a very useful tool to help small businesses get a handle on their security with a very streamlined interface and a large collection of automated protective features. It is a companion to Backup that can be used to provide cloud-based file and system backups.

Check out the video reviews for a detailed overview of the user experience for each product, as well as highlights of the best SMB-specific features.