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6 Signs Your Archive Needs a Migration

Email archives are interesting creatures. Often times they are implemented and left alone for a long time, accumulating valuable journal data almost like an insurance policy, or humming along each night and keeping Exchange mailbox sizes under control; sometimes both. Things change and after a while, it might be necessary to rethink or redesign your archiving system.

The following are 6 Signs Your Archive Needs a Migration:

1. You decide to go from Enterprise Vault to

2. A portion of your business separates into another entity or gets bought by another company

3. Your company acquires another company that has an archive system or vice versa

4. Redesign or re-architecture of your EV environment

5. Skipping directly from an older version of EV, eg 7.5 , to the current version, eg 10

6. Replacement of underlying EV storage, eg decommissioning Centera in favor of NetApp

There are a handful of options when it comes to archive migrations and in the next article we'll review the pros and cons of each.