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A Helpful Guide to useful Backup Exec diagnostic tools and links

Level 6

Symantec Help (SymHelp)

  •  A multi-product diagnostic tool
  •  Identifies common issues
  •  Gathering data for support assisted troubleshooting
  •  Provides links and useful support resource information

Note: Symantec Help replaces Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool

B2D Test Tool

Tests the basic functionality of a Backup to Disk device used in Backup Exec

Storage Devices

How to troubleshoot issues with a Robotic Library (autoloader/changer) and/or Tape Drive(s)

Catalog Tools (CATTOOLS.EXE) Utility 

Used to export the contents of the Backup Exec Catalog file to a text file

About Backup Exec diagnostic tools

About the Backup Exec debug tool

·        Gives diagnostic information in regards to troubleshooting Backup Exec processes

For more troubleshooting visit  Backup Exec Technical Support