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Alternative ways to access Official Backup Exec Technical Support

Level 4

I think it is fair to say that Backup Exec technical support is less beloved worldwide than Grumpy Cat or Game of Thrones.  That being said, the members of that team are hard-working and do the best they can to help the users they speak with.  As part of the recent corporate overhaul, we have new leadership of Technical Support at the Sr VP level and further down into the trenches of management. 

We have also spun up a new team that works solely via social media channels to engage our users who need help.  There are some folks out there who grumble a bit saying “if I pay for technical support, there should always be someone on the other end of that 1-800 number who is an expert at…).  I understand that.  But I ask you this:  if you get connected with an official technical support rep, what does it matter that you reached them on the phone, via Twitter or as an insert in a Bazooka gum?

Our team of Tech Support engineers scours the web all day every day in order to find users who need help.  The easy places to find them are on Twitter, Symantec Connect Forums and Spiceworks.  You can initiate the conversation nearly anywhere online and we will open an official case for your or investigate an existing case. 

You can initiate the conversation via Twitter with

And our support engineers will work with you via your preferred method of interaction (phone, email, webex, etc…)

You can also engage them via the Symantec Connect Forums.  The forums are a great place to get answers not just from technical support, but also members of the Symantec engineering, quality assurance, product management and other users.  You can contact our support directly inside Connect at

Another alternative to the standard call into the 800 number is the MySymantec website.  This is a site where, among other things, you can create, review and manage cases related to technical product support.

I want to stress that these are only the methods to begin the engagement with tech support, not that we would work with you strictly via Twitter or the forums.  These are alternate ways of initiating the conversation.

I invite all of you, really anyone who is running into issues with their Backup Exec to contact me directly either here on Reddit, Twitter, Google+, Symantec Connect or Spiceworks.  I’ll do anything I can to get you connected with the right people to help resolve the issues you are facing.  I know it may seem hard to believe sometimes, but we are here to help.