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Announcing Veritas Velocity Early Adopter Program - Now Live

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We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated availability of Veritas Velocity and the Veritas Velocity Appliance. 

Enterprises are generating multiple copies of data to fulfill their needs such as testing/development, analytics, compliance, and backup. This excessive number of copies dramatically increases data growth, costs, complexity, and risk. IDC predicts that copy data problems will cost IT organizations $50.63 billion by 2018 (60% of the storage budget). 

Aside from the challenges in storing, maintaining and protecting all of this copy data, a much more pressing business concern is the time it takes to access data and use it when and where it’s needed. The speed and efficiency in accessing, obtaining and refreshing data is tied to the success or otherwise of enterprises — how efficiently your data is managed and how quickly you can respond to change.

Veritas Velocity provides a new way to manage copy data. Instead of creating and moving physical copies, Velocity provides authorized users instant self-service access to virtualized copies on-demand. Since the copies are virtual and not physical, they take up less storage and improve the speed, control, and predictability of any workflow or process dependent upon them. 

What is the Veritas Velocity Early Adopter Program?

The Velocity Early Adopter Program (VEAP) enables you to be one of the very first to adopt Veritas Velocity (software + hardware) for FREE and play a pivotal role in shaping future releases. You will have access to a dedicated team of Velocity experts who’ll assist you every step of the way from installation to upgrades. Additionally, our dedicated Velocity team will help you drive rapid ROI by reducing copy data sprawl and associated costs, accelerating application release cycles and strengthening Information Governance.

Why Should I Be An Early Adopter?

  • Implement innovative software as soon as it’s introduced to gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Get up to speed with new software quickly – with minimal implementation time, cost, and risk
  • Accelerate the transition to new technology, and realize business benefits ahead of your peers
  • Directly influence and shape future Velocity product releases
  • Dramatically reduce copy data sprawl and costs associated with storing, managing and maintaining copy data
  • Access to work with Velocity Product Management, Developers and Engineering resources
  • Upgrade to the general availability release with dedicated support from Veritas 

How to get Started

To register for the Early Adopter program, please visit:

If you need any help or have any questions, please email 

Welcome to the new world of Rapid Data Access!