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Announcing new data protection for a multi-cloud world

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Vox_Blog_Announcing-new-data-protection-for-the-Multi-Cloud.jpgMaking multi-cloud data protection a reality

Digital transformation makes the public cloud hugely attractive and, when you ask me, inevitable. Your enterprise is likely to use cloud platforms from a variety of providers, a strategy in which each cloud performs a different task. But, while you are looking at new modern workloads to power your digital business, you still must incorporate existing infrastructure, applications, and data.

The challenge is to transform your business rapidly at the lowest cost, while also meeting compliance requirements, managing growing data volumes, keeping critical applications available and protecting your business data across many isolated, complex islands of IT.

Digital business demands a radically new data protection approach.

Today, Veritas is helping customers solve this problem with the general availability of VeritasTM CloudPoint, a single, modern snapshot-based data protection solution, purposely built for the multi-cloud, at low cost — all to make it easy for you to protect your business data across your applications, private clouds, and public clouds.

Veritas CloudPoint does the following:

  • Replaces the need for disparate point products from different backup software vendors without losing out on visibility, recovery options, scale, and speed.
  • Helps customers avoid vendor lock-in with total platform and cloud independence.
  • Offers recovery points as often as you like, on a schedule that you define.
  • Eliminates the need for backup windows with near instantaneous, application consistent backups.
  • Streamlines and automates backup scheduling and creation based on unique policies that you assign across your clouds.
  • Offers a modular architecture to rapidly evolve workload support through autonomous development of new plugins.

The truth in multi-cloud is that you can’t afford data protection compromises on your path to total digital transformation.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to get started.

Save time in your evaluation, download your free trial today.

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