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Archiving by definition requires a long term commitment from the vendor and the customer. This recent news around Autonomy and products from Mimosa, Zantaz, HP RISS,HP IAP, Iron Mountain, Stratify, Connected, Aungate and other Autonomy archive and E-discovery products is clearly a disruption. These many different archiving solutions that Autonomy/HP had acquired and begun to EOL or migrate toward IDOL create an information management challenge as IT teams need to juggle product EOL's, migrations, retention policies, legal holds and active litigation while moving to IDOL, a platform that has yet to prove it is a longterm solution.

Symantec will be stepping forward with a migration plan for Autonomy customers seeking more stable platform for information management, archiving and E-Discovery.

Symantec’s Enterprise Vault has been the consistent leader in archiving for more than 10 years. We have had our great moments and had a few bumps as well. I've  personally seen more than 50 competitors come and go in my 6 years working with EV but the vision KVS had, a good chunk of the team and the strategy of helping our customers store, manage and discover their unstructured information continues.  

We've also invested in that vision through Enterprise and Clearwell. Together Symantec can offer Autonomy customers on premise or cloud archiving as well as best of breed E-Discovery via Clearwell.

We plan to offer a migration incentive program for Autonomy customers and partners. Interested parties should reach out to Sean Regan (



Sr. DIrector, Information Management