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August MessageLabs Intelligence web security landscape

Level 2
The most common trigger for policy-based filtering applied by the MessageLabs Web Security Service for its business clients was the “Advertisements & Popups” category, down by 2.07% since July, to 58.03% in August.

Analysis of web security activity shows that 45.4% of all web-based malware intercepted was new in August, an increase of 44.7% since July, and 19.5% of web-based spyware was new, a 0.01% decrease since the previous month.

An average of 3,510 websites per day were identified as harboring malware and other potentially unwanted programs such as spyware and adware; a decrease of 2.9% since July.

The chart below shows the increase in the number of new spyware and adware websites blocked each day on average during August compared with the equivalent number of web-based malware websites blocked each day.

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