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Backup Exec 2012 Beta - Trailer #1

EDIT: See my Backup Exec 2012 Beta - Trailer #2 blog post for the latest on the Beta program.

The Backup Exec 2012 Beta program will be starting soon and for the rest of this month I'll be posting a new blog update each week focusing in on a different area of the product. Next week's post will target in on the updated User Experience. In the meantime, you can go ahead and sign up using the link below in order to secure a spot in the program as there will be a cap on the number of participants in order to insure a quality Beta feedback process.

Backup Exec 2012 Beta sign-up

A couple of other items I want to bring your attention to:

Charles Butler from our PM team just blogged about a new beta that started today (June 6th) for Symantec Backup Exec.Cloud

Be sure to check out the follow-up blog post by Nick (Install Team Developer) that focuses in on server migration for Backup Exec.


Hi James,


Awesome...however, can I ask why Symantec releases so many new versions in quick succession? BE 2010 R1 and BE 2010 R2 were released last year, with BE 2010 R3 released a couple of weeks ago.

Is it to keep up with technology? Or to stay in front of competitors? Just curious as I am busy rolling out BE 2010 R3 to 28 sites, with a Beta in the pipeline! Smiley Wink




Very true Craig

I seems administrators now need to be very quick in learning new technologies


As per the new features listed under beta site. Seems BESR has been integreted with this Backup Exec release


Anyways it sounds gr8 to explore this version and may be very much useful to many who wanted to go with combined solution




Craig -  Thanks for the feedback and all your activity on the boards.  The Backup Exec team never rests when it comes to continuous improvement of the solution.  The recent R3 release was the 3rd version of Backup Exec 2010 to hit the market.  The R releases are designed to be improvements on the major release in order to meet the needs of a dynamic and changing market.

The 2012 beta that James mentioned is…well…I don’t want to give too much away, but we've made some significant advancements.  We are continuing the evolution of Backup Exec as a solution and the best way to contribute to the improvement is to sign up for the beta.

If your maintenance is current, BE 2012 will come to you upon release at no charge. 

So can I assume that 2012 will be released in 2012 or will it be earlier?



i hope if they add P2V and Restore to any hardware .


Hi James,

i have a new idea " Backup Exec 2012 software that can automatically removes agents from the server and Client ( i Mean DLO))


James.. This new look is amazing.. very much familiar with Microsoft's Ribbon.. cool.. even dashboard looks so gr8 .. now expectations are keep on increasing for final releases........cheers

Only on Tuesday this week I asked one of Symantec's support team, whilst on a support call, if there was a Beta Programme I could sign up to for 2012. They appeared to be blissfully unaware of such a thing!?


Looks like the Beta programme is closed for new entrants.

I must admit I am bitterly disappointed about this, as I have repeatedly discussed the forthcomming beta programme in countless support calls to Symantec. This has been as both a Symantec Partner and customer!

Are there any late entrant specials available?

Looks like the Beta programme is closed for new entrants.

I must admit I am bitterly disappointed about this, as I have repeatedly discussed the forthcomming beta programme in countless support calls to Symantec. This has been as both a Symantec Partner and customer!

Are there any late entrant specials available?

Any timelines for DLO 2012 ???

Not yet. No sooner than 2012 though.

I may be opening it up to a small number of additional users early next week. We are trying to maintain a certain level of support/engagement with the participants and this has been a popular Beta program.

As an FYI, I do always post the Beta notifications here in the Backup Exec blog space (which I have pushed to the connect front page for at least a week's time). Also, I give first crack for sign-ups to prior Beta/FA (First Availability) participants. Send me a PM and I'll try to squeeze you in next week if possible.

I will give you this hint: We don't date our products for the year after we release it like car companies do (i.e. Backup Exec 2010 was released in early 2010)

FYI, This looks like a repeat of the question above that has a response now.

HI James

when will be the final version?

The GUI is very cool , it´s more easy to find  the differents items and configurations, look nice with the new tabs and it´s more friendly for the users but I have some problems, specifically  with the autentication part,  where i can send this problems and where can you help me for resolve these issues?





I can't comment on dates other than to say it'll be out no sooner than 2012, as suggested by the name. As for feedback on the Beta, you should return to the Symbeta portal and use one of the feedback methods in the "Backup Exec 2012 UAT" project.


Do you know if vSphere 5 will be supported by BE2010 (R...?) or BE 2012 ?

Hello James: Is there any BetaTest-FA open or soon to open for DLO 2012?

Thanks for your reply.

I'm looking into this for you (obviously I'm not running that Beta).

I heard that CPS will not be included in the New Version i.e. BE 2012. Is this true?


Any news on when will this be released to customers?



That is true. CPS will not be offered with BE 2012. The successor is using the dedup option within BE

Ok thanks. Please enlighten me on how the dedup option will replace CPS

I believe that retiring CPS has been inspired by the relative lack of deployments versus the adoption of the deduplication option (sales/deployments drives technology development). Being familiar with CPS you know what a job it can be configuring the number of versions of files to be stored by CPS, not to mention the fact that the versions are not deduplicated. With the rate that data is growing currently, deduplicated storage of backups is moving to become a necessity.

In discussions I've had with a couple of clients running CPS, with the ability to client-side dedupe, it is conceivable that dedupe jobs could be run several times a day, but this is, of course, is dependant on the spec of the client, the rate of change at the block level and bandwidth requirements.  We have still not configured multiple dedupe jobs in practice, but it would be something worth testing out if you have the time.



Hi All

for one of my project i,m stuck as BE 2010 R3 is not supporting oracle 11g R2 on RED HAT LINUX  does BE 2012 support Oracle 11g R2

Can you please check and revert to us.


Hi all,


in BE2010R3 we run into lots of problems with the Vmware vStorage API whtich is using the Symantec VSS provider under Windows Server for making consistent backups with the possiblity to restore individual records (database record, email message or Active Directory component). Has someone already tested this functionality within BE 2012?

I am getting the beta version in a couple of days and will be testing this myself but I am interested in other experiences.



Henri Volkers

Presales Consultant @ Triple P Nederland BV


I would like to know which problems you encountered with VMware vStorage API and BE2010R3, since we also encountered a lot of problems than we had before with R2 or R1, like VMware SQL-GRT-enabled job stucks with no progress.



Will Backup 2012 be compabity with xen server 6.0 and debian 6.0 >





Debian 6.0 = Yes

Xen Serer 6.0 = Not at this time

The current Backup Exec 2012 Software Compatibility List (SCL):

Please note it is a living document.






Do we need to upgrade the agents?



Tell us about licensing.  Users with support agreements have agents, servers, and add-on licenses.  How will purchasers of BE with CPS be supported, do we have to buy dedup and Ent server just to get back to capabilities we had with CPS?

for WAN to WAN backup, I tried client side dedup, CPS is far more reliable.