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Backup Exec 2012 update – vSphere 5.5 support and R2 Beta registration!

 ***Nov. 26, 2013:  Thank you for all of your comments.  A new update is now available at: ***

From:  Blake McConnell, vice president of Product Management, Backup and Recovery, Symantec Corp.

It’s always a good day when we can share product updates and progress with Symantec’s Backup Exec community. This is one of those good days.

Thank you

First I want to thank all of you for your continued loyalty to Backup Exec. I realize that today’s update may not address every question, wish or concern, but still want to communicate the significant progress that is being made.

vSphere 5.5® support

Platform support is our top priority. Targeted for release in mid-November, Backup Exec 2012 Service Pack 3 will include support for VMware vSphere 5.5®. Our team will deliver this support within 60 days of vSphere 5.5 general availability (GA). Once the Service Pack is released, it will be available for download from our Support website or you can watch for the patch to be available via LiveUpdate in early December.

Backup Exec 2012 R2 Beta – now open for registration

Today also marks a milestone for the Backup Exec 2012 R2 release, Beta registration is now open! The Beta version includes the functionality you’ve been asking for - media server support for Windows Server 2012, the jobs view and the ability to assign multiple servers to a single backup job. You can learn more about what’s included in the Beta and sign up for it on our official registration page -

While we’re on the topic, I want to set proper expectations around the date for Beta availability, which is scheduled for early 2014.

  • First and foremost, our goal is to ensure customer delight, which means we will not compromise on quality to ship a product before it’s ready, even for a Beta release. We are taking the time necessary to ensure our Beta code is production-level quality. While this means it takes us a bit longer to reach this milestone, it allows us to get Beta feedback in real world environments, providing data beyond what we can get in a lab environment and yielding an overall higher quality product.


  • Second, we expect this Beta will be in high demand so we are opening up registration early to allow enough time to process as many applications as possible before it is available for download. Opening registration now means that those accepted into the program will have access to the Beta download as soon as it becomes available in early 2014. More on that soon!

Windows Server 2012 R2 support – what’s the plan?

Congratulations to the Microsoft team on the GA of Windows Server 2012 R2! Naturally, you want to know if Backup Exec 2012 R2 will support it. What I can tell you right now is that this platform is on our radar and without question, a top priority for our team. My plan is to provide you with an update on Windows Server 2012 R2 support in the next 5 to 6 weeks.

In the meantime, please register for the Beta. We look forward to hearing your feedback!



Congratulations on finally adding support for Windows Server 2012! Unfortunately it will be two years old by the time you deliver a working version (not beta). Windows Server 2012 might not even be the first choice of operating system for most companies anymore now that Windows Server 2012 R2 is out.
I know that I'm not installing yesteryear's operating systems.

Has WS 2012 R2 finally shown up on your radar?
As a major software manufacturer I expected more from you. Microsoft has excellent beta programs that you should take part in from day one so that you could have a beta version ready soon after Microsoft releases the final version of their OS. It's crucial that you have working software for current operating systems and not for past operating system versions.
Remember that the whole point of your software platform is to support the operating system, not the other way around.

I've grown used to you guys delivering to little, to late so I only expect some kind of beta sometime next summer offering partial support for WS 2012 R2 and I'm not going to wait for that (or for a finished product). There are other vendors that have got it right.

Similar to VMware support, you should also support WS2012 R2 within 60 days of general availability (GA).
That's all I want to say about this... the rest has been said many times before on the forums... 
It's about time Symantec acts, because the competition is hard and you are losing projects and customers over this!!

@ Hurry up - thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We would like to discuss it further with you. I will send you a private message and see if we can schedule a time for you to speak directly with Blake.

Funny because I was just about to downgrade from BE 2012 to BE 2010 this weekend.  Blake you're saying the mid-November 2012 support pack will be for vSphere 5.5?

@ roggenk - thank you for taking the time to respond. I hear you and understand your frustration. I will send you a private message to see if we can setup a time for you to speak directly with Blake.

I second the comments by @ roggenk and @ Hurry up. I purchased Backup Exec 2012 in March of this year with the plans of installing it on Windows Server 2012. I was shocked it wasn't supported and still isn't. Now I find out that the beta will only start in early 2014 and by the time the actual program is released, my maintenance contract will have expired so I will either be forced to purchase a maintenance renewal or purchase a proper backup solution from another vendor.

I'm thinking the second option is the way to go. Symantec has totally lost my support!


...previous issues with design and support aside, it seems that Symantec are moving in the right direction by giving early information on product support like they used too. Hope this continues and that it helps build up the respectability for the product again. Keep communicating...=) Thanks!

That is the plan

Our team will deliver this support within 60 days of vSphere 5.5 general availability (GA).


I'm done with Symantec. I'm done with your excuses and your patrionizing tone, of "we're listening" No you AREN'T. I'm done. I'm not spending another dime on Symantec who can't stay on top of the MS release cycle.  You're giving your WINDOWS user base the shaft, but you can support VMware within 60 days of GA?   Not good enough.   You should be announcing that Windows 2012 R2 will be FULLY supported within 60 days of GA.



 You've lost a customer. 

I am also very disappointed with the timeframe for Server 2012 R2 support. We held off on many of our infrastructure upgrades this year because Symantec lagged so far behind in support for Server 2012. Now that R2 has been released, we would like to begin investigating it's new functionality, but will be handicapped by Symantec's inability to back up the product; thus, our testing will be in vain. And by the time R2 is supported, R3 will be on the table.

@ rlstiles - I would like to try and help, but need some additional information from you. I will send you a private message.

We as an IT company in Atlanta have been GREATLY disappointed in Symantec.  We have many of clients out there with Server 2012 with nice copies of BE 2012 waiting to get support for Server 2012 and now we find out those contracts too will expire before this release will be out.  What a joke.  A company that supports operating systems that can't even stay current to an OS within 2 years shouldn't be marketing to support them at all.  Stick with AV if you can hang with the others.  We were a reseller for Symantec but this has soured our taste so bad that we will not touch Symantec products anymore.  On top of not supporting server 2012, even the BE2012 version is crap compared to 2010.  It is a PITA to do anything in it compared to previous versions.  Not 1 client of ours even liked 2012 BE.  But thank you for not releasing something to support Server 2012 and making all of us look bad that purchased with the intent of it working before a years maintenance was up!

Not to pile on, but...where the hell is the support for Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1???  I know Windows 8 or, more specifically, the UI, isn't everyone's favorite thing and that has slowed adoption, but we DO have people at our university using it and we DO need to back it up.  Technically it is a subset of Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 (or putting it another way, the latter is built on top of the former).  I was really surprised that Windows 8 was not supported by the Backup Exec 2012 Service Pack 2 I and many others helped beta test this summer.  And now with the announcement of Backup Exec 2012 Service Pack 3, I still see NO announced support for Windows 8 OR Windows 8.1.  Really folks, what the heck gives?!?  WHAT is the difficulty here?!?  Why can you support Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 and not Windows 8/8.1?!?!?


P.S. Enhancement requests I'd like to see in Backup Exec 2012 R2.  Please get to correct people - you can do it faster than me so please don't tell or send me the "enhancement" e-mail address:

1) I'd like to see the ridiculous limit of allowing only 64 backup targets using client-side deduplication increased to at least 128 in Backup Exec 2012 R2.  As we both know there is NO technical reason for this; it is purely a marketing decision so that additional Backup Exec 2012 media servers are required.  With today's *very* fast hardware and large storage subsystems, one server (or fewer of them) literally can do it all (or most of it anyway).

2) Same reasoning as number one above except that I'd like to see the raw deduplication folder size increased from 32 TB to at least 64 TB.

3) Pet peeve (for years!).  I'm not in control of whether or not someone at my location adds a new database to a Microsoft SQL Server on any given day.  However, if someone does add one and I only have an SQL incremental backup running the following evening, the backup fails.  I'd like an option in the SQL Agent incremental backup settings that says if a database (new OR existing) is encountered that requires a full backup before a log file backup can be run, then run a full backup first of ONLY that database and THEN run the incremental log file backup.  Bottom line is there is no reason for these types of backup failures when such an added option can easily prevent them.

4) Related to #3 above, I'd like the ability to backup log files added BACK to the SharePoint Agent.  Removing that ability has made it IMPOSSIBLE for my organization to have mirrored copies of our SharePoint 2010 databases and now we have had NO highly available databases since upgrading to Backup Exec 2012.  I know there is a Symantec knowledge base article on this "issue" and, for the record, I don't agree with the "limited reasoning" given.  Thus, this should be an easy fix/restore of pre-Backup Exec 2012 functionality.  [By the way, if anyone else reading this wants to inform me about the pluses/minuses of mirroring SharePoint databases, I am aware of them and would remind you mirroring SharePoint 2010 databases IS a supported configuration albeit, admittedly, not the best.  So...I'll just save you the typing time and stipulate to that now. ;-) ]

5) NetBackup's Agent Accelerator.  Want.  NEED in Backup Exec 2012 R2.  DON'T want to pay for NetBackup.  Again, this is another marketing decision.  There is NO technical reason that Backup Exec 2012 R2 cannot benefit from this technology, too.  We have VERY large file servers (50 TB or more) for which we are forced to use Microsoft's Data Protection Manager (DPM) to backup.  This is because DPM can do it relatively quickly and hourly as DPM just reads the changes and backs up those difference.  And, by the way, they don't charge us more to do that (I'm looking at you, NetBackup, and the $100K upgrade we'd have to pay for to do the same right now!).  For some reason an efficient method to do this via the Agent Accelerator was added to NetBackup, but if we folk on the Backup Exec side want to do this, we have to depend on the VERY INEFFICIENT "synthetic backup" approach.  Can we have the Agent Accelerator technology, too???

Thank you for your time.


To all of the comments from Kent...I agree - these features are critical, in order of priority based on the order he listed them in.

But what really upsets me and my organization is the, again, lack of support for R2 of Windows 2012. Come on people...2014? (I hope I am misinterpreting that). But it appears to me that SP3 is just to support VMWare 5.5...and the rest of the new functionality will be early 2014...which we all know will end up really being Summer 2014.

Amy/Blake - you both know that MS is planning to release new "R2" type releases every year? Next year they will be in release mode for Windows 9 server - I actually am in the beta program with Microsoft testing this. Why is it I, as an end-user/enterprise, seem to have more insight into this than Symantec?

Obviously there is either massive turnover at Symantec BE team, or someone in their infinite wisdom decided to outsource the whole BE development overseas like the support operation. Those can be the only options...because what is going on here is simply product suicide. We own DPM for free with our 2012 Sys Center Datacenter Licenses. So why do we even use Backup Exec? Two reasons: OST support for Data Domain, and distributed global deduplication using Central Admin/Enterprise option. If DPM could offer both of those we would be off BE all together. The global dedupe/OST integration dedupe is fantastic in BE...that should be enhanced and marketed more; it is the "killer app" of BE.

But all of that greatness is nothing if current operating systems are not supported...

As someone else said, this has all already been said...just putting my voice here because I think some phone calls need to happen and Symantec needs to get a deeper partnership going with Microsoft again.

2012 R2 needs to happen are holding up our migration Symantec!


We want to know that Backup exec 2012 R2 will support ubuntu version 12.0. and above.



I agree with all the other user posts.  How can a leader in the industry (or used to be anyway) be proud to announce they made "significant progress" by releasing a Beta next year to support what will be an almost 2 year old OS?  I understand they don't want to compromise on quality (ie the mistake called BE 2012), but there is no excuse for this delay.  As a customer paying an enormous amount of money for Symantec licenses/maintenance agreements I expect more.  I wish I could share Symantec's enthusiasm but I can't.

I also agree with the others.  The Summit meeting had my hopes up, but it still remains that I can't trust my current Backup Exec 2012 backups (luckily I have snapshots from my SAN as plan B), and BE's adoption of new technology is too delayed for my needs.  Wasn't early adoption one of the benefits being a Microsoft Partner for Symantec?

Instead of downgrading from BE 2012 this weekend or processing the support renewal, I'll start my search for another backup product.  Sure, Backup Exec worked great for me in the past (since version 6); it was amazingly stable and had fantastic cross-platform capabilities (Oracle + Active Directory + Linux + Windows) and options like CASO.  My favorite version is still 11d.  However, BE2012 has failed to meet my needs for almost 2 years of my effort.  It's time I leave my nostalgia behind; it's time I find the replacement product(s) that I can use and trust to protect the systems I've built. The prospect is rather freeing.

Hi rlstiles,

We are doing everything possible to fully support Windows Server 2012 as soon as we can. I understand that in this instance, Backup Exec has not lived up to its prior reputation in always being the first Backup and Recovery solution to support new platforms. I know this doesn't help you right now, but that's the plan we are working to - it's our number #1 priority.

I have a few options that I want to run by you that I think will make you happy. Would you mind emailing me your contact details? My email address is:

Thanks, Kate

Hi Brett,

Can you email me? I want to help you and I have a few options that I want to share with you. My email address is:

Thanks, Kate

Obamacare website will have less issues within 2 years than Symantec has done in past 2 years for Server 2012.  This, I must say, is certainly sad but at least the .gov put something out as an attempt even though it is a complete failure.  Symantec over the past 2 years has been on vacation it seems... You do realize the amount of customers and resellers you are losing due to this slackness over the past 2 years right?  Is Symantec going to refund or extend maintenance agreements for our customers we sold BE 2012 to in 2012???  What do we tell our clients?  Sorry, your waste of money??

Hi Kent,

We do have Windows Server 2012 support today. If you are looking for client backup, Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition would be a fantastic solution for your University. Are you specifically looking to Backup Windows 8 desktop/laptop support? Can you tell us more?

I am willing to send you 10 free copies of Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition. Let me know.

Thanks, Kate

I disagree with TTT. There are really not many options out there...and BE fills a good market niche. Everything that is the "big time" is costly. Arcserve is an equal to BE but is more buggy from what I here from colleagues. Then you have Veam, which grew up on VMWare and virtualization. Are you doing optimized dedupe? That is the key to BE...and yes, Veam can do it to some extent, but with OST added in for flexibility to Data Domain I am not so sure. Maybe I am late to the game here, having just deployed 2012 this year and not feeling the horror you have all gone through for 2 years...but from my recollection, 2012 was a major departure from the past BE products. I have seen it pretty solid...most problems are with VSS on the guest which is still always a pain. But I wouldn't jump ship...not when they are so close to finally catching up. You can tell we have gotten their attention when they have product managers willing to talk so easily to end users. One thing I hate in this industry is the changing approach to IT where loyalty and "cool-aid" is thrown out the window for least cost or perceived grass is greener.

I don't drink the cool-aid per-se, but I do think that BE is the best product in its market class...and I am not a Symantec employee. I just know I have used Commvault, Legato, Netbackup, Veam, and Arcserve...and for the money BE is certainly a good value. I would give it another shot TTT.

Hi Amy-I am looking for some answers like a cut off date probably.

We have been waiting patiently since July for Win 2012 server support.This is the only server we have awith LTO tape drive. Symantec Backup exec 2012 taken specifically for backup purpose is lying useless.
Looks like colosal waste of money and time. I Only hope that disaster does not strike us till you start supporting.

Month after month we hear people crying wolf.  Come July 2014, you will no doubt say that for further support AMC is needed, to rub salt in the wound. We do not know even at that point of time if Win2012 server will be supported.

Please let us know what we are supposed to do?

Is there documentation of all new features/supported functions in the R2 beta and vSphere 5.5 update? I am secifically looking to see if SAN transport for vmware restores is supported going forward. NBD restoration has met basic needs, but it is frustrating to restore at half the speeds of the SAN tranport backup.

(laughs) Drmont1, I applaud your enthusiasm.  Although not required, I assure you I've given BE 2012 more than my share of "another shot" (in your words), especially since (as I pointed out) I have been using Backup Exec since pre-Symantec ownership.  However, I'm glad that BE 2012 works excellent for your environment; such is not the case with mine.

Hi Danno,

Thank you for participating in the Backup Exec forum. We understand your frustration and on behalf of the Backup Exec team I would like to extend my sincerest apologies. I can promise you that the Backup Exec team is doing everything it can possibly do to add support for new platforms in line with industry standards. I know we are behind at the moment, but this is something that will turn around in the future. We’ve also increased the number of engineers working on Backup Exec by over 20% through new hires. These engineers, experts in data protection, have come from the world’s most brightest and innovative companies across the globe. And we will continue to invest in Backup Exec today and in the future to provide our customers with the best backup and recovery solution.

Going back to your original question, we do have a few options that may be suitable for you. While I can’t add new platform support to Backup Exec overnight, I can help you in other ways. Please can you email me your contact details? That way I can give you a quick call. My email address is .

Thanks, Kate

Hi DrMont1

I am going to try and give you a call again today. I look forward to catching up.

Thanks, Kate


Hi Favors,

Our team is looking into this right now for you. I am afraid, i don't personally know the answer so I have asked my colleagues to find out and get back to me so that I can come back to you.

Hope this is ok and I promise we will get back to you today.

Thanks, Kate

Hi Jerrys79,

I would love to catch up with you today, if you have time. If you email me your contact details, I will call you today. My email address is:

Thanks, Kate

Hi favors, 

Unfortunately, SAN transport for vmware restores is not a supported feature in the Backup Exec 2012 R2 Beta. I have captured your request and will ensure that it gets added to the considerations list for a post BE 2012 R2 release. In the meantime, feel free to test the BE 2012 R2 Beta to backup and restore your VMs. We'd love to hear what type of backup and restore performance you receive.



Hi Kate,

I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested in "Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition" (SSRDE) or the ten free copies.  Although I work at a university, it is essentially a mid-sized enterprise.  To that end, I want what I've always had available to me in Backup Exec since I first started with the product here in 1995 (18 years ago): I want FULL professional/enterprise support for ALL Microsoft server AND client professional and enterprise operating systems.  Most recently that list includes Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 professional/enterprise (x86 or x64), not just the server editions!  If Microsoft Data Protection Manage (DPM) still offers full support for all of their professional and enterprise client operating systems, then Backup Exec 2012 can, too!  If this was pulled from Backup Exec 2012 just to help get more SSRDE installs/licenses sold, then that it is yet another in a long line of DUMB, bone-headed technical and marketing decisions involving the Backup Exec 2012 product line.  I don't want SSRDE now.  I don't know any peers that do.  And I didn't want it when it was called "Desktop and Laptop Option" and five free copies of it were included with each Backup Exec 2010 media server license! :-(

I hate to give ultimatums, but as with just about everyone else posting in this forum/blog, I've really had it with the Backup Exec 2012 product "evolution", excuses, and, in particular, how it got into this sorry mess that it is today, especially after being such a fantastic product for us for so long!  Our rather large and expensive Backup Exec renewal is up December 1st - a little more than 30 days away.  If I don't read something from Symantec about Backup Exec before then that encourages me that you on the receiving end of this diatribe "get it" with respect to what we are all asking for/complaining about, I assure you that I for one will pull the plug on this product for us - a sad end to a mostly great 18-year run.  I don't think I could be any clearer about this ultimatum even if I traveled down to Florida or out to Washington/Oregon, stood on the street, and yelled it at the product management and developers in the building.  I'm that p-o'd about this self-inflicted train wreck!



Kent - I spoke with Kate today. I suggest you speak with her too. I am 100% convinced this was an internal leadership issue within Symantec for the past 18 months, and fortunately that has been addressed through change of management. I have never seen a company try to take care of its customers like this, and I think they are pulling out all of the stops. Talk to her, she will give you the details of what happened. I repeat - I am not a paid spokesperson or employee of Symantec. However, they are doing right by us individually as a customer and I think they are now doing right realizing the past mistakes. They will have what we need in 4 months...and they will leapfrog ahead next year. When Microsoft releases a new product Symantec is saying they will release within 30-60 days as a target. That sure beats the 1 year cycle they were on. Frankly, I believe that they didn't think many organizations would migrate so quickly to Windows 8 or Windows 2012. That was a gross underestimation on their behalf, specifically, one individual leader...and that leader has now been sacked.

As I said below, I really think you will find that your options are limited out there for the price. Microsoft DPM cannot do the dedupe and distributed dedupe with OST and with Backup Exec Dedupe stores. Veam has more bugs for distributed dedupe and doesn't compare on GRT...the comparisons can go on.

Talk to Kate...


@manojprasher - I will email you via Connect so we can schedule a time for a call to discuss further.

Thanks for sharing update, and thanks to the developers team for the continuous improvement of BackupExec that I hope will become more stable with the next update. One question: in the R2 is also planned an update regarding the compatibility with version 9 of Lotus Domino?

Hi tecub, yes it will. 

Will there be an update to BE 2010 R3 that will support 2012 R2 as a media server.?? All my media

servers have remained on 2008 R2 and because of BE2012 GUI problems etc. I would like to remain on

BE2010 R3, because, well, it works, isn't that what its all about in IT ?? But I have multiple physical 2012

(R2) servers sitting on my bench that have been dedicated to directly replace the 2008 R2 media servers

that I have in place now, and have spent thousands(tens) of dollars only to have them sit there because

you guys can't keep current and are way behind the curve, ( I and all of my fellow customers out there do

NOT pay for excuses!) Corporate wide its our decision, like many of my fellow corporate business, to

standardize on windows 2012(R2). Its been out for a while now, and no windows IT department likes to

support multiple OS's in its infrastructure. Why don't you explain to my CFO why we've spent money only

to have these new media servers sit on the bench! This is real life IT and you guys in symantec don't have

to deal with. Please answer the question about 2012 media support for BE 2010 R3




Hi GHz, 

Currently, Lotus Domino version 9 support is not planned for R2 therefore it would have to be considered for a post R2 release / update.    

Thanks, Keith

Hi dirisit, 

Currently, there are no plans to add 2012 media server support for BE 2010 R3. I understand your reluctancy with regards to standardizing on BE2012 especially with the UI and functionality changes we implemented, however the key BE 2010 functionality that our customers' missed with the intial release of BE 2012 will be available again in R2. If you have any immediate concerns and would like to chat about how to address them, please email me ( your contact number and I would love to speak with you about some options we have. 

Thanks, Keith

Hello Kent,

I have reached out to you directly in effort to further discuss your enhancement requests.  I'm a member of the Supportability team and responsible for driving these types of enhancements requests forward.  Please allow me 15 min of your time to further discuss your inputs.  I'm prepared to speak to 1-4 of your inputs and still investigating the 5th.  Please let me know if you are available as I'd really like to speak in more depth of how you'd like to use some of the enhancements that you've raised.

Thank you, Skip (

Supportability Product Manager

It is very disappointing to learn that BE 2012 will not support Windows Server 2012 for almost 2 years after the initial release to market, even after the community has made their feelings quite clear on the subject with little to no constructive feedback from Symantec or obvious roadmap.

We implemented a Windows 2012 server upgrade with the understanding that support by Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Server 2012 was imminent. Now because of the lack of support from Symantec for an industry standard operating system we have had to keep an old server running BE 2012 for the sole purpose of backing up data from the new one.

To now discover that we need to wait almost another 6 months and then only to receive a BETA product is completely unacceptable as we continue to accrue costs to run and maintain old infrastructure that for all purposes is useless to us as cannot be deployed for any other use.

As a Symantec reseller we feel that we now have no other option but to pursue other avenues and we have already started looking for alternative products and will no longer be recommending your backup products to any of our other clients, new or old


It is only 2012 R2 that is not supported...2012 was supported back in August of this year with SP2. They are supposed to have an 2012 R2 beta service pack or BE 2012 R2 in February timeframe.

I have found other third party vendors still lack support for 2012 R2 myself (2012 is fine). For instance, NetApp does not have its stack (SMI-S, Host Utilities, Host Agent, DSM) certified for 2012 R2 yet and won't until January. Emulex was ahead of the game...and released even prior to GA of 2012 R2 - good job. EMC Data Domain - nope on OST for 2012 R2 (let alone 2012 which I still don't have an answer on). HP has 2012 R2 support but only if you open a case and get access to the special FTP site - which I presume is essentially still a beta SupportPAQ.

Point is - any third party vendor should have 60-90 days to support (worst case) a GA from Microsoft or VMWare. Now that is the minimum be competative, and get customers to think about the product being bleeding edge, there should be a same day GA availability because the third party (e.g. Symantec, EMC, NetApp, etc) should have done beta testing. There is always this claim that third party vendors don't want to expend energy developing for a joint release with Microsoft because the code they are developing against is beta. I understand that, but other vendors do it (Emulex for instance), so it can be done. The key is understanding the bug tracking system and tracing back to issues that are related to the beta code of the Microsoft or VMWare OS release vs. bugs against the IHV/IHS product. Once GA is made by Microsoft, all the third party IHV/ISVs need to do is reconcile that list and re-test and that is why worst case it should be 60-90 days which should be devoted to bug fixing and testing, not starting the update from scratch.

In any event, I see a light here and think things will get better now that they (Symantec) have ceded that a problem does exist.

Symantec continues to disappoint me with how far behind on platform support they have been. I was expecting something from BE2012 R2 in 2013 (thought it would be a final release, or at a minimum a beta by now), and now the beta isn't expected until early 2014.  With numerous upgrades (Windows 2012, Sharepoint 2013, Exchange 2013) on hold because of these compatibility and lack of GRT backups, combined with poor support experiences over the past couple of years, its forcing me to look at all of my options now, despite the positive feelings I once had for Backup Exec.

Further to the point, it is encouraging us to look at not just our backup solution, but also our antivirus solution (SEP, Symantec Mail Security). The problems within Symantec have not just been on the development side, but also support, and with the premiums paid for maintenance and support contracts, the value is no longer there.

Hi Skip,

In case you check this first, I sent you an e-mail with my phone number.



I agree with you.  This has been the red-line for us.  We used 100% of backup exec for our clients.  Symantec AV used to be good but we no longer resale this product.  All of our clients have moved to Webroot Enterprise which blows away Symantec AV.  We do like Mail Security but have been beating the price per CAL for them with Baraccuda cloud AV/SPAM per CAL and you don't waste your bandwidth and CPU cycles on server for those processes. 

I am curious though, for tape backup, who else is really out there that works good?  BE2012 is toast, all our clients are pissed about symantec they don't even want to hear that name said anymore. 

Symantec asked me to email them 7 days ago, i did, no reply lol...  I am sure they will offer us free desktop option backup which no one uses.  Symantec is a lost company I think.  There have been no positive feedback on this forum yet so I don't think people are listening to their predictions... Sad, such a great product up till 2010......

I see a lot of replies from what I can tell are Symantec employees regarding we will email you or provide a private call - can we get the answers or "Workarounds" or "Solutions" posted back here? we have invested in a third party product (Backup CHain) that can backup Server 2012 R2 until the Symantec solution is capable of backing up R2, I feel Symantec should re-imburse clients this cost if they want to keep our loyalty. crazy rediculous that the #1 provider cant support the latest technology but very small startups can.

2012 wasnt supported in August.  Only by agent is it supported. You still cant install the full version on 2012 or use a tape backup at all.  it has to be installed on 2008R2 or earlier.  Some clients like to keep up with times and are 100% 2012 server, so to them, SP2 is uesless as the main program is. 

Hi drmont1.

Thanks for your response, but I think you misunderstood my post.

Until the software can be installed on and back up that same Server 2012 computer, it is not proper "support" and hence the requirement for running separate kit.

From Symantec's own notes:

Backup Exec 2012 SP2 supports Windows Server 2012 with some limitations. You cannot install a Backup Exec server on a Windows Server 2012 computer. However, you can use the Agent for Windows to back up and restore Windows Server 2012 computers with their operating systems and legacy features.

Unfortunately this is exactly what we wanted to implement and were forced to use an agent to do it due to Symantec’s total lack of support for a Standard OS. We are now faced with the unwanted agent approaching expiry. This will therefore render the solution as an unnecessary expense and we will be left with no other option but to seek alternative vendors that do not charge a premium for their agents.


Well, I am not sure I understand what you are saying SocT. Are you saying because you cannot install BE 2012 on Windows 2012 as a media server that that presents an issue for you? I am using BE 2012 SP2 on a Windows 2008 R2 Media Server and CASO, and to be honest, yes, it is a bit behind to have to install on 2008, but functionally, it can still backup 2012. I don't see the problem.

Agent support is the issue. If you are not on 2012 R2 you would be fine...2012 itself can be backed up, and I have been using BE 2012 backing up 2012 (R1) servers for a few months now without issue.