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Backup Exec Beta news!

We’ve been listening.  And we’ve been working.  The Backup Exec Engineering, Product Management and Quality Assurance teams have been working hard to make BE the solution that you relied on and believed in.  We’re not all the way there yet, but we are making strides.

On 29 May, we went live with the Beta program for Backup Exec 2012 SP2 and 2010 SP3.  The primary focus of the beta for each version is platform support.  With a targeted release date of July, the Service Packs will bring support for

  • Backup Exec 2012 SP2
  1. Protection of Windows Server 2012 servers using the Agent for Windows.
  2. Updated protection of SQL to include:
  3. Protection of Exchange 2013 (Non-GRT only)
  4. Protection of SharePoint Server 2013 (Non-GRT only)
  5. Support for VMware vSphere 5.1
  • Backup Exec 2010 SP3
  1. Protection of Windows Server 2012 servers using the Agent for Windows.
  2. Updated protection of SQL to include:
  3. Support for Exchange 2010 SP3 (pending final release from Microsoft)
  4. Support for VMware vSphere 5.1

But the service packs are more than that.  Engineering & Product Management are reacting to what we have heard from our users over the past several months.  Overall, there are 100 fixes in 2012 SP2 & 2010 SP3 with key focus on the core product, Exchange, Oracle and Deduplication.


2012 SP2


2010 SP3









































































The current beta program has 2 categories

  • Tier 1 (High Touch) – 25 Active participants
  • Tier 2 (Traditional user driven installation) – 142 Active participants
  • **active participants means those who are providing frequent and detailed feedback to the beta team.  There are far more installed betas in the field, but these numbers reflect those who are actively engaged in conversations with engineering.

In the short time the beta has been running, the participants have been very active. With over 230 posts in the Beta forum and 155 incidents reported.  Of the incidents reported, there are many that are not actionable issues with the product, but rather questions about the beta itself.  This level of conversation provides us the most valuable information we can access.  While we are constantly testing in our labs, detailed descriptions of how Backup Exec performs in production environments gives us a better look at how you are using the solution.

We will soon close registration for the beta program as we are nearing our maximum limit.  For all news related to the beta, a good link to follow is the Beta Blog

This is a call to action.  Symantec is working hard to listen to our users in their venue of choice, be it Twitter, Google+, Spiceworks our Connect Forums or any other online venue.  Make your voice heard.  Join the beta, participate in a usability session, talk to engineers and technical support on Twitter.  If we don’t know what your pain is, we won’t be able to work to fix it.

Come find me.

Matt Stephenson

Product Marketing Manager


Some updates:

  • Now 26 active Tier 1 particpants
  • Now 158 active Tier 2 participants
  • "active" indicates a constant stream of communication between the users and engineering.  There are over 2500 approved participants and 2000 have downloaded the software.

Two Questions:

I read above where the BE 2012 SP2 will ship next month.


1)  Will (SP 2--not beta) allow installation of the full BE 2012 product on Windows Server 2012 Standard as a media server or will it still only install on older Windows flavors and just remotely backup Windows 2012 servers?  It needs to both install on Windows Server 2012 as a media server and remotely backup Windows Server 2012 servers for me.

2)  We can't even buy a new Storage Server from HP that doesn't have Windows Server 2012 Standard on it---and HP doesn't allow downgrades for their new StorEasy Storage server platforms.  So we are in a holding pattern waiting for Symantec to release a version of Backup Exec 2012 that supports 2012 Server as a media server.  What will we see and when?




Hi bspeng -

I just confirmed with Product Mgmt

  1. The SP2 release will not allow for BE 2012 to install on Windows 2012. It will provide Remote Agent support only.
  2. The next full release of Backup Exec will support Windows 2012 as a Media Server. At this point there is not a time window we can provide for when that release will be available, but we will have news about that in the near future.



Thanks so much for the quick reply above.  Will wait patiently but please push along the full release that will install on Server 2012 as a media server and keep us all updated.  I realize software development is complex and you want to get it right, but right now the hardware vendors are well ahead of you.

And for all the negative comments I have read in other threads, I do in fact really like the new user interface for Backup Exec 2012.  Very pleased with the intuitive nature of it.  Will work fine for our company.  I have used Backup Exec for more years than I care to count, so I am happy to see the new, modern look.  All the testing I have done with BE 2012 so far has shown it to be a great product.

Thanks again,


I actually have to agree with bspeng. I look after quite an intesive Datacenter running ESXi 5.0u2 with Shadow Protect for our DR, which doesn't play nicely with most backup solutions, and if you take the time and learn 2012, its a good solution.

PS, I know whilst learning and tweaking the jobs, the Symantec Job Log links are usually useless (Seems to always apply to 2010),


Any news on the final release date for BE 2012 SP2 ?



we're getting closer to being able to reveal a release date.  The beta is going well and the participants have been very active working with engineering & QA.

All I can say right now (still) is July, but I hope to have more concise news soon.



here we are ... July has started ... hope we can have some good news soon ...



Can anybody answer is it any SCL for SBE 2012 SP2 ready?
I`m looking for Ubuntu 12.04 compatibility - will it be in SP2 or not.

Stay tuned.  Nothing I can report today, but we're getting close.

I've reached out to the folks in Engineering who drive the SCL.  I'll post as soon as I have an answer

Some detail on what has been happening with the Backup Exec 2010 SP3 & 2012 SP2

Tier1 summary
  • 26 have deployed the Beta (10 BE 2010 R3 SP3, 21 BE 2012 SP2)
  • All Tier1 site visits have completed. 
Tier2 has been active for 34 days.  
  • Total registered > 3600 
  • Total approved > 3019
Active Participants (external customer/partner giving 1 or more pieces of feedback): 
  • Tier 1 - 26 
  • Tier 2 - 379 
Feedback Received:
  • 381 Forum posts & replies
  • 244 Symbeta incidents reported (not all bugs)
  • 176 Daily Journals
256 users have installed the Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3 and/or Backup Exec 2012 SP2
  • 38 users have installed Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3
  • 198 users have installed Backup Exec 2012 SP2 
  • 20 users installed both Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3 and Backup Exec 2012 SP2
Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3: 18 users installed in lab, 40 users installed in production
Backup Exec 2012 SP2: 63 users installed in lab, 155 users installed in production
We're getting close to making an announcement on the official release of the SPs.  Keep your bookmarks for this page.  More good news to come.



  I understand you're operating in an environment with probably quite a few restrictions on what you can say and when you can say it, as there are many tentacles of the Symantec monster that need to be coordinated for things like product releases, but do you have any update on the release date for Backup Exec 2012 SP2 and 2010 R3 SP3? 

  Your last post said you're getting "close" to making an announcement, but that's essentially the same thing you said on 06/20 (nearly two weeks ago) in response to mvolder asking the same question. 

  With many Symantec people promising a July release date, and it already being July 3rd, I'm sure you can understand how the large base of users who urgently need the new version would hope that you would at least know the release date by the time you're within 3 weeks of it.

  Any information would be appreciated..


The question should not only be related to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but generally all Linux distributions previously supported in the SCL but started shipping with kernels based on 3.0 or later. (See:

Annoyingly also Debian wheezy has been out now for some time. Although I was able to "hack" RALUS (according to instruction in the previous link) there has been no fix available to this issue from Symantec until yet.

So I'm re-iterating the previous question by asking whether Debian wheezy is planned to get supported?

I really hope RALUS will support kernel 3.0 based without extra hacks before RHEL 7 starts shipping (simply because RHEL and its clones is the most widely deployed enterprise distributions)

Any news on the release? - 2010 SP3


We can't say a date out loud just yet, but we are on track for delivery this month.  Another good blog to follow is here.

The beta is nearly complete.  We are dotting I's and crossing T's at this point

The latest details on the betas for Backup Exec 2010 SP3 & 2012 SP2

Tier 1 customer quote: “Thanks for making the product so robust and reliable.  It’s great that my backups are all working so well after a long time of pain and failures.”

RTM-RC external validation has started. Tier1 customers and Tier2 customers have been invited to this validation program. This also will be a short validation cycle and we will collect customer feedback over the next few days.

Tier1 summary: All 26 Tier 1 site visits have completed.

Tier 2 has been active for 41 days.  New registration count has remained at 20-30 per day on an average. Total registered > 3757 and approved > 3207.

Active Participants (external customer/partner giving 1 or more pieces of feedback):

  • 26 Tier1 (overall goal of 20 or more)
  • 389 Tier2 (goal of 150 or more)

Feedback Received:

  • 415 Forum posts & replies
  • 260 Symbeta incidents reported
  • 183 Daily Journals

Downloads Counts:

  • 1897 for 64-bit BE 2012 SP2
  • 501 for 32-bit BE 2012 SP2
  • 555 for 64-bit BE 2010 R3 SP3
  • 225 for 32-bit BE 2010 R3 SP3

Thanks for the quick response

Any news on the release date of Symantec Backup Exec 2012 SP2? I know it was promised for July but an actual release date would be greatly appreciated.

We're hoping for a formal announcement this week.  Legally we are still restricted from making a hard date statement.  However, we are still on track for late July.

Wish I had better, more concrete news



In order to make the company more flexible and able to adapt quicker to the needs of customers, more emphasis will be placed on giving front-line employees greater empowerment, input and discretion in addressing customers' needs on a day to day basis. As such, there will be fewer executives and middle management positions, resulting in a reduction of the workforce. This process is expected to be completed by the end of June 2013.



WOW, things have really changed.  Here we are in July and "front-line employees" are still claiming their hands are tied when it comes to addressing customers' needs.  Let's just face it, Symantec hasn't changed.  New leadership, same old excuses.   Very dissapointing.

I agree with you 100%.  Symantec please listen to your customers, we have been waiting for support of Server 2012 and VMware 5.1 for a long time and still nothing. 

Microsoft released the first developer preview of Server 2012 in September 2011 which means that Symantec has had almost two years to develop a release.  It is pathetic that given that amount of time you still do not support Server 2012.

VMware released the first beta of VMware 5.1 in May 2012 which means that Symantec has had 14 months to develop a release to support VMware 5.1.  Still waiting.....

Now with only two weeks left until the end of the month there is still no definative answer for a release date.  Very frustrating.

However, we are still on track for late July.

We were told July, now we are told late July as if it was planned for then all along.

I suspect that with 10 working days left before the end of the month that it looks more like August now.

Further, I could not agree more with Samson81, 2 years and no supported software.

Did i read that right!?!?! 

  1. The SP2 release will not allow for BE 2012 to install on Windows 2012. It will provide Remote Agent support only.
  2. The next full release of Backup Exec will support Windows 2012 as a Media Server. At this point there is not a time window we can provide for when that release will be available, but we will have news about that in the near future.

Do you guys realize that server 2012 is now the norm when it comes to new installs?  I have to keep and 08 server in place (or put one in place for a single server client) just to backup 2012?

Greetings all...
Here are the latest details on the beta for Backup Exec 2010 SP3 & 2012 SP2
RTM-RC external validation has started. No issues have been reported by Tier1 customers so far.
Tier1 summary: All 26 Tier 1 site visits have completed.
Tier2 has been active for 50 days.  New registration count has remained at 20-30 per day on an average. Total registered > 3900 and approved > 3350.
Active Participants (external customer/partner giving 1 or more pieces of feedback):
  • 26 Tier1 (overall goal of 20 or more)
  • 403 Tier2 (goal of 150 or more)
Feedback Received:
  • 433 Forum posts & replies
  • 284 Symbeta incidents reported
  • 193 Daily Journals
Downloads Counts:
  • 2044 for 64-bit BE 2012 SP2
  • 598 for 32-bit BE 2012 SP2
  • 555 for 64-bit BE 2010 R3 SP3
  • 241 for 32-bit BE 2010 R3 SP3
Registration for the beta is now closed.  We will be finishing it shortly and announcing a shipping date as soon as we can.  We are on track to ship before the end of the month.


I was able to install on Windows 2012 Server 64-bit, Backup Exec 2012 with SP1. I only get a compatibility error when I first launch the software. I had to install NetFX and it performs backups on 4 different servers. I also have SQL Server 2012 installed on this server and no issues backing up databases, besides the compatibility error when I first launch the software.

Am I missing something.

With only 5 working days left before the end of July, are there any updates?

If it works, fine but if you run into any problem, guess what Symantec's answer will be? "Install a supported setup and only thereafter we might look to help you." They won't publish fixes for your setup its in the SCL.

Same policy applies to any Ubuntu, Debian and other distros versions they don't support due to Kernel 3.x - although working hacks exist - but I'd juge an agent less critical than the central backup silo.

If my "Hack" is this close to working, why doesn't Symantec learn and actually build a service pack which is 100% compatible.

  Regarding your comment, Sun;

  It's one thing to say you managed to get it working, but to officially support it, a software company like Symantec has to have put it through an extensive battery of testing because there are so many different editions of the operating system (Standard, Datacenter, etc), configurations of it (roles, features) and customer environments (hardware drivers, common third-party software or utilities, ways they install and use BackupExec itself) that they aren't going to label it supported just because it can be made to work in one situation.

  Most software companies won't say it's "supported" until they complete that kind of testing, even if the product really does work just fine on that platform.

  That being said, I DO still agree with the MANY other users who say that Symantec has had plenty of time to do that sort of testing and qualification and should have released versions that support it by now, given how long Server 2012 (and vSphere 5.1) have been out.  I find it interesting that their NetBackup team was able to get that support worked into the product so much sooner than the BackupExec team, especially since if anything I would expect them to be MORE cautious on their more expensive product that's used by larger enterprises.

  For any backup vendor, relatively quick support for new versions of major software platforms (especially Windows Server!) should be a priority.  I would much rather have seen them focus on good support and interoperability rather than wasting so much time trying to come up with a "better" interface and paradigm for job management.  Like many BE users, I have concerns with the device-centric model they switched to, and I can't help but wonder just how much development effort was spent on those changes, rather than working with partners like Microsoft and VMWare to get support for their new products baked in as quickly as possible.

  Symantec is already under fire on both the high end and low end of the market from the likes of CommVault, EMC, HP, CA, Veeam, etc, so debacles like this run the risk of them being upset from what I've always seen as their position as the dominant SMB player with BackupExec.  I worked for consulting companies for 15 years, and BackupExec was always the "standard" product recommended to SMB customers and typically already in use by any new SMB customers we came across.  Combining lengthy delays in supporting major products like Server 2012 with major upsets in the look, feel and functionality of the software could easily cause a major hit to their market share..

  Hopefully they'll get these new versions out the door and do a better job in the future.


I'm not sure if your hack is about the server side for which they decided not to tackle it with SP2.
Maybe "close to working" means that there are still numerous borderline cases where it doesn't and that's causing them too much headache yet. Honestly I'm not really liking the current situation but it's as it is.

Just hope it won't become too much like this cartoon. ;-)

Symantec in my mind has let down every SMB that uses BackupExec.  Here I am almost two years after the developer preview of Server 2012 asking for support and still no definitive answer on a release. 

The beta for the service packs is now completed.  We are in the final i-dotting & t-crossing stages.  Look for an announced shipping date in the next couple of days

The i's are not going to be dotted until you support the installation of your software on an OS that has been available for over a year and a half.

Simply mind-boggling.


News about the release date?I cannot wait anymore!!!!And Packmatt, Service pack doesn't need i or t...


I purchased a Windows 2008 server from Dell. They put me in contact with a Symantec Backup Exec rep, I told him about my configuration and he told me to use BackupExec 2012. Even though I got my hack edition to work, it tells me that they only care about $$$. After reading all these posts, it tells me never trust Symantec. Next time when I'm in the market for software, I'm going else where!

I left out 1 important fact, I bought the server the middle of June 2013.

Sorry everyone wrong year.


It's done, and the blog post went up yesterday.

Fresh server install of backup exec 2010 R3 Sp3, version says 13.0 rev 5204.1255 (64 bit).


Still no option to backup exchange server mailboxes. What am I missing here ? We used version 12.5 for longest on 2007 exchange now we are on exchange 2013 CU1 and 2010 SP3.


Anyone has pictures/snapshots how it should look like for exchange, we have exchange agent license. Plus have rebooted exchange VM after remote agent install, it talks fine with the backup server.


Has the patch/update worked for anyone with exchange 2013 CU 1 ?



        After you installed SP3 on the Media server did you push the remote to all remote boxes to include this exchange box? if you havent please do so restart B.E. services and attempt to do so again..


Edit to above statement 


 Im sorry laMP i got a bit ahead of myself... The reason taht youre having issue is because Protection of Exchange 2013 is not supported with BE 2010 R3 only 2012 SP2."Note this is only Non GRT". Please review the release notes below 


2010 R3 SP3 --

2012 SP2    --

I believe so, my windows remote agent says this for version:

REmote agent : 12.0 Rev.5204.1225 i believe that is the latest revision ?


I was reading this :

it does not say 2013 exchange it says 'Support for Exchange 2010 SP3 (pending final release from Microsoft)'

Meaning Exchange 2013 CU1 is still not supported ? What am I missing here ? I cannot install CPS on either exchange or the backup server because of the dreaded 1719 windows installer missing error, but i should not be required to do that if i have agent license ? Plus is there a specific "exchange agent" that I need to install ? Because the remote agent utility says " Remote agent utility for Windows Systems.


That is correct... My appologies... i tried to correct but looks like you beat me to the post

Ha.. looks like i will have to throw in a disk and use DPM 2012 instead to do the exchange backups, dpm is aweful for tape backups.

Any word on support for Enterprise Vault 10?  Didn't see that listed anywhere in the tech notes.

so seriously.. there's loads of comments, etc. I just need to know this... I got a new IBM server with windows server 2012 and sql 2012 with Symantec backup exec 2012 (it stated as supporting windows 2012 in the web). Is symantec coming out with a full patch to support installation in windows 2012 server itself?

There was one post that states that only the next full version release will support win 2012, what does that mean? BE 2013?

I'm having the BE server now and can't load it to work together with my current project and I have a timeline to meet before shipping it to the data centre. Please provide a clearer picture of what is the expectation. 

Currently Backup Exec 2012 cannot be setup as a Media Server on Windows Server 2012. However, you can install a Remote Agent on a Windows Server 2012 OS and backup using a Media Server which is on a supported platform.

As for Backup Exec 2012 to be supported as a Media Server on Windows Server 2012, you would need to wait for the next release of Backup Exec. We do not have an ETA on this yet.

I have installed it on a Windows 2012 Server. I have some error which comes up when I start the program but I am able to backup Microsoft SQL server which is on the server which contains Backup Exec. I have this installed since August 2012 and have no issues. I have been able to restore files and databases.

Tech support will not help if you have a problem, but I don't need them at this time.

Symantec, <<<<please>>>> push along the next full release of Backup Exec that will install on Windows Server 2012 as a Media Server.   Please give us a <<<<date>>>>.  Most hardware companies are only shipping new NAS style servers with Windows server <<<<2012>>>>.  Some of us are in a holding pattern <<<waiting>>> and it is turning into a real problem trying to keep old servers cobbled together until you get a full release of Backup Exec working on Windows Server 2012 (Media Server).  The current release/patch which just backs up Windows Server 2012 doesn't do me a bit of good.  We are needing to replace Media Servers at our locations and <<<<SOON>>>>.

And I am not too interested doing what the previous post suggests which is to go ahead and install it anyway on 2012 server and just live with the startup errors and other potential issues.

Symantec, consider yourself unceremoniously and unanimously dumped.........

I patiently waited for you to update 2010 and 2012 so the Media Server could run on Server 2012, it hasn't happened.......

With all my servers now running 2012 ( soon to be R2 ) this causes me an issue, or rather, you an issue - you see I absolutely believe in delegation.

You are now 2 OSes behind, you have taken your eye of the ball - as a result I dare say this will effect your underlying profits and shareholder payouts.......I notice now even Dell aren't selling your software and have instead elected to have their own offerings......ouch that must hurt; truly I hope it does.

I would say 'Later' but the damage is done...besides I have now bought into Veeam, far superior and guess what ? It works...........