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Backup Exec Install Blog (DLO7 Upgrades)

When your users are mobile, protecting their data requires applications that detect a network presence and copy the data up to the network for backup during a regular nightly backup job. In Backup Exec 2010 and earlier versions (going back to the 10.x days), a Backup Exec option called the Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) did just that. If you purchased Backup Exec Small Business Server Edition, a limited seat DLO license was provided with the product. All other Backup Exec versions provided the option of installing DLO on a trial basis, or as paid-for option based on the number of clients (seats) you needed to protect.

With Backup Exec 2012, things have changed! DLO is no longer included when you upgrade to Backup Exec 2012. Instead, DLO has now become its own product called Symantec DLO 7. As such, transitioning from the earlier DLO Option to the new Symantec DLO 7 product, along with the migration of your DLO Option data, now takes on significant importance. If you are upgrading from Backup Exec (12.5, 2010 R1, R2 or R3) to Backup Exec 2012, the following process ensures a smooth transition.

  1. First, upgrade to Symantec DLO 7.

    Download and install the Symantec DLO 7 product. During the installation, DLO 7 migrates existing information from the previous Backup Exec DLO option to Symantec DLO 7. While the installation preserves your settings and profiles, the installation also removes the Backup Exec DLO Option silently from Backup Exec after the migration successfully completes.

    NOTE: DLO clients must be upgraded after migration as well.
  2. Next, upgrade to Backup Exec 2012.

    Download and upgrade Backup Exec 2012 by following the upgrade steps in the Backup Exec 2012 Quick Installation Guide.

Those of you running the Backup Exec Small Business Edition received a bundled license for the DLO Option that cannot be unselected (without applying a 2010 R3 patch). If you no longer want to use the DLO Option, but want to upgrade to Backup Exec 2012 without the DLO Option’s functionality, use the following steps:

  1. Upgrade your Backup Exec installation to Backup Exec 2010 R3.

    NOTE: If you are running Backup Exec 12.5, you can remove the DLO option without applying patches. See step 4.
  2. Apply all available patches to your Backup Exec media server.
  3. Start Backup Exec.
  4. Click Tools > Install Options and Licenses.
  5. Clear the check box for the Desktop and Laptop Option.
  6. Finish the installation.
  7. Upgrade to Backup Exec 2012.

It has been exciting to watch the Desktop and Laptop Option go from proof of concept to a viable data protection option. It’s even more gratifying now to see it as its own product release. Our team has worked hard to ensure a smooth transition for you during the upgrade process. We are confident in the results, and hope you agree!