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Backup Exec Update 7/3

Hi folks-

It's really happening. We remain on track to release the two new Service Packs for Backup Exec 2010 and Backup Exec 2012 before the end of July.

I know it has been a difficult situation waiting for us to get support out for Windows Server 2012. Matt has a separate blog on that topic. I just want to highlight that our say/do quotient has changed since BE2012 was launched, and we are definitely making progress.

Here's a quick revisit of the timeline:

Last fall we reorganized ourselves around three priorities that deliver on the data protection job customers hire us to do:
1. Platform Support. A backup product without modern platform support is not worth a knob of goatspit. We can fix that.
2. Quality. When customer support gets overwhelmed, customer delight levels are low. We can fix that, and we can make it easier to work with us.
3. Seamless Migration. We're putting the features back in that longtime users depended on (like the jobs monitor and multi-server jobs). We can fix this.

Then this spring we said we'd go into beta in May. We did.

We said we'd deliver the two Service Packs in July. We expect to.

The seamless migration release is still the third priority, but we're evaluating schedules right now to be sure we have platform support right with Windows Server 2012 R2 and vSphere 5.5. We expect to have something to share in August.

And finally, for those of you out there thinking about migrating up to Backup Exec 2012, or wanting to learn more about what you have, we're running a special at the Backup Exec Tech Center. Use code FREEBE6 and knock yourself out on the tons of free training content!


Well Matt and I had a discussion back in May 2013 where I outlined my support issues with this disaster that has been BE2012. During our conversation a promise was made to me that due to my frustrations support for all of my BE2012 agents and server would be extended through 2014.

Two days ago I received an Email from one of your channel renew specialists asking why I haven't renewed support for any of my agents. Boy did that poor soul get an ear full.

Last time I am asking, is Symantec going to extend support or not to those of us customers that have had a terrible time with this product? It is not fair that I am being told that I am not entitled to the coming SP because my support is not current. Here it is July 2013 and I have yet to hear back from Matt and my support is expiring. Symantec will not get another dime out of me for support.

So when can we expect an actual date of final release for SP2?  Microsoft is already previewing Windows Server 2012 R2 and Symantec is still dragging their feet on Windows 2012 support.


Are we talking more like July 31st or July 15th? 


Personally, I'll be surprised if Symantec actually releases this update this month considering they aren't giving an actual date for the SP to be released, they'll find an excuse to push it back to August or Sept or maybe even next year.

I too would like to get a better ETA, but most of your post was just needless vitriol.

They're not dragging their feet. After reading blogs and posts from Symantec employees, it seems like former management dug the product into a hole such that they can't gracefully get out of. They're taking thier lumps and getting the current product fixed like it should have been from release.

If, after SP2, they project an unreasonable release for 2013R2 support, they can and should take flak from the user community. Until then, such negativity serves no good purpose other than to be mean to a team of coders who are only trying to dig thier way out of a mess created by people above them.

Drew do you have a release date yet?  There is only two weeks left in the month.


where can we log in using the free code you have mentioned?

is it in one time subscription?


We're hoping to have a hard date to announce this week.  Legally, we are still restricted.  We are still on track for late this month though.

The link is here:

The free code is gives one user access to all the content.  But you can have multiple folks from your company each redeem their own code.

Grt thx.  Support for Server 2012 and VMWare 5.1 is something I could really use right now.

This post talks about platform support for vSphere 5.5 in August.  Does that mean we might get vSphere 5.1 support at that time also?


Also, is there any chance that we will see feature parity for NFS datastores as compared to VMFS?

Hey Jim...

5.1 is part of the current beta this nearly complete.  Look for support by the end of this month.

Great news!

I'm probably one of those "overwhelm customer support" guys.. we have had a lot of trouble with backup reliability and have never received a "SDR Full Backup Success" on some servers due to a lack of support for the array controller/drive configurations. Heres hoping the SP will solve all of my problems!


Hey Drew, Is there a migration path from BE 2010 to NB 7.5? Thanks!


and what about fixing this issue TECH199850.

we have backups to tape and now althugh the SDR is OK, we could not resore a server with this option so if disaster will happen this nice option will not help us.


also i write it here-



CmSam, I don't know if there is a specific best practice. @CraigV is probably better to respond to this one.


I've been informed that Domino 9 (released March 2013) will be supported within 2012 SP2 and 2010 SP3. Is this correct?


Check the latest blog for the sertvice pack release!

Thanks Drew but I couldn't find the compatibility/support listing to check if Domino 9 was listed, I could only find information about Windows 2012 support.

I'm sorry, but there are no changes to Domino support. Check the release notes for more details.

Ok wow, that contradicts what Symantec support told me only 3 days ago.


      Im very sorry for the confusion/misunderstanding concerning the supportability of Domino 9 being worked into todays release of SP2/SP3. Unfortunately Domino 9 is not counted among the new features and enhancements for this release. Below you will find a link to the updated version of the BE 2012 SCL and im sorry to say that 8.5 SP3 is the most current supported version

New features/enhancements are included in this release

• Protection of Windows® Server 2012 servers using the Agent for Windows. This includes support for:
  ⁃ Microsoft data Deduplication-enabled volumes (backs up and restores data in non-deduplicated data format)
  ⁃ New ReFS (Resilient File System)
  ⁃ Windows Recovery Volume (WinRE)
  ⁃ New Hyper-V version
  ⁃ Updated Failover Clustering (CSV)
  ⁃ Native 4K (Advanced Format) drives
  ⁃ Online restore of computer and system components

• Updated protection of SQL to include:
  ⁃ SQL 2012 SP1
  ⁃ SQL 2008 R2 SP2

• Protection of Exchange 2013 (Non-GRT only)
• Support for Exchange 2010 SP3
• Protection of SharePoint Server 2013 (Non-GRT only)
• Support for VMware® vSphere® 5.1
  ⁃ VMware ESX™ 5.1 and vCenter™ 5.1

How can I tell if a BE 2012 installation is the base install, SP1a or SP2?

if you look at beremote.exe found in

  C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec

Right click and view properties.. click on the details  tab 

the file version should read 14.0.1798.1244 for 2012 SP2


I assume the easiest way would be to check the version of 'backupexec.exe' located in \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec folder.

Backup Exec 2012 with Service Pack 1a- 14.0.1798.105

Backup Exec 2012 with Service Pack 2- 14.0.1798.1244



what about this issue, i update my media server to SP2 and still it give me the same error when i try to recover through SDR Disk.


what can i do to recieve an appropriate answer to this issue?