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Backup Exec gets you out of troubled waters

It’s unfortunate that the expression “up a creek without a paddle” accurately describes many small and midsize businesses these days when it comes to disaster preparedness. The fact is 50 percent of SMBs don’t have disaster recovery plans in place. Rather than implement automated backup and DR solutions, many simply cross their fingers and hope for the best. And, the reason these companies leave their data protection to chance is pretty simply explained – backup has become too complicated.

What if we could eliminate backup complexity? What if we could create a backup solution that’s so easy any business could implement it? So simple that no one would ever be caught churning in the whirlpools of data disaster without a paddle ever again?

That’s exactly what Symantec has done today. Symantec is releasing two new products designed to simplify backup: Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition and Backup

Where there used to be different tools and software programs for disaster recovery, Backup Exec 2012 provides one tool to back up an entire IT environment. The solution is meant for all types of backups – tape, disk, physical or virtual environments.

With Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition, small business owners can protect their data in less than 10 minutes, in three simple steps. What makes this possible is an entirely redesigned administration console that eliminates complexity by automating backup policy through a new intelligent wizard based set-up that customizes the best backup policy for your unique environment. This allows for quick configuration of systems and the protection of data and applications with minimal effort. Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition provides total protection for physical and virtual servers and integrated disaster recovery, so a business can quickly restore what they need when they need it.

The second addition is Backup, which is ideal for small businesses and remote or mobile offices. Providing cloud-based backup and storage, Backup is easy to set up and manage. Backup is part of the management console; backups are automatic and secure, and it provides a single console for managing backup and security (Endpoint, providing total cloud protection unlike any other vendor.

Backup Exec’s value is in its simplicity. The products are designed to protect your company, minus the hours of management time so you can get back to running your business. It is the ultimate in user-friendliness while maintaining the highest quality protection standards.

So, don’t get on the information technology river without all your necessary equipment: grab your life jacket, get your paddle and start shooting right through the rapids unscathed. Disaster recovery just became a whole lot easier.