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Better Backup For All

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Explosive information growth is not new news for organizations anymore – it is becoming the norm. The incredible strain this growth puts on infrastructures designed to manage and protect it has been a growing concern for years, though much more accelerated in recent times as virtualization and eDiscovery requirements have pushed this strain to a whole new level.

Symantec is the leader in backup and recovery. As the leader, we focus on addressing the biggest of challenges IT managers face with infrastructures spanning both physical and virtual worlds.

With shrinking IT budgets and growing digital assets, the focus for organizations is naturally on cutting costs without compromising service level agreements. Dealing with multiple point products tends to increase cost and create complexity. Customers of all sizes – from small businesses to large enterprises – need a better backup solution. A backup solution that addresses challenges holistically. A solution that brings down cost and complexity.

With this vision and commitment in mind, Symantec was first to deliver “dedupe everywhere” – or deduplication capabilities from source to target, from data center to remote offices, and across physical and virtual machines. Symantec turnkey appliances eliminate integration complexity and drive down operational expenses. Symantec V-Ray technologies provide unmatched visibility into both physical and virtual machines.

So what are we up to next? In 2012, Symantec is delivering Better Backup For All. Symantec will break the backup window with up to 100 times faster backup, deliver integrated management for backup and snapshots, and provide new tools to help manage the challenges associated with eDiscovery including the elimination of the infinite retention mindset. These innovations combined, are geared up to significantly reduce the cost of doing backups across your physical and virtual environments. This marks the beginning of a new goal to drive out up to 80% of the operational expenses of doing backup and recovery over the next 5 years!

In addition, we’re taking you into advanced virtual machine backups, self-service recovery, and cloud-based protection.

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