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Bring the Power of Symantec's ThreatCon to your Website
Download the free ThreatCon widget from Symantec and you can share Symantec’s threat intelligence with your customers on your website, blog, or intranet.  Powered by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, this tool provides with up-to-the-minute information on the latest Internet security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.  Download it now at: 

 Have questions or suggestions about the ThreatCon widget?  Post them here and we’ll continue the conversation or check out the forum thread!



I am devloping a tech website .can i use threatcon in that .is it free?
Yes it is free and you can use it after you agree to the terms and conditions listed on the link above.

Thi ThreatCon widget is really usuful for anyone interested in addding virus these info in personal, corporate blogs , etc.
Just a question, I see the time zone in GMT format, How can I change the day in EU format ? 
US -> 12/13/09  or Dec 13th 2009
EU -> 13/1209  or 13 dec 2009


Not  possible. The Flash based code lives on the Symantec server.

Thanks for The widget. I was looking for a tool like this for my webpage.
Ok, thanks for your fast reply.

The link does not work for me.  Is it just my side?
The link should work fine, I just went out there


When I implement it using the EXACT code given to me from the Symantec page, I get it to come up, but if I clcik on any of the tabs to expand them, the below image is what happens to me.  It's like the border for the widget is narrower that it should be or something.

I just installed the code and experienced the same issue. Let me check with the developers and get back to you.

Thank you sir
Can you please share the information on your system, including what browser and version you are using?  It sounds like there's an issue with a <div> tag, so we'll continue to look into this.  Anything you can provide to help us replicate the issue would be helpful.

Thank you,

Absolutely.  I am using IE 8.0.71 on Windows 7. I also tried it on IE 7.0.573 running on Windows XP SP3

This was off of a test HTML file on my local hard drive that was yielding the above result.  You having me check the versions had me place it out on thr intranet here and once I did that the tabs fully expand, so all should be good.

The Server 2003 boxes with IIS are enabling something to run that my standard workstations OS's without IIS were not.

Thanks for the help.
I am using it without any problem.
there might be some problem with your page  design  as another div might be close to the widget and when you are expanding the widget it is going behiend the nearest div.
Hello Everyone,
I want to add this to my company's Sharepoint portal 2007 page. But i couldn't. Which web part should i add for see it in my sharepoint site?
Thank you.

It works really well, thanks for the widget. 

I tried to load the Symantec threatcon widget on my new blog hosted by Google blogger. However after inserting the exact piece of code provided, it does not appear on the side bars of my blog, it seems like the HTML is incomplete.

Debugging the page in a browser like Google Chrome, i get an exception saying that "tthreatconlargejs"  is undefined.

<script language="javascript">

if (threatconlargejs) {document.write(threatconlargejs);}


The place where the exception occurs is in bold italics. Does someone already have a resolution to this issue?


It should work, try posting this issue on the Google Blogger Help Forum.

Let us know what you find out.


I'm still messing with this but what you need to do is use the "Content Editor Web Part" and tweak the style properties in the code until it appears in an agreeable fashion.  Click the "Source editor" to do this.

I'm no developer-- let alone a javascript developer-- but it's working. :-)

I am seeing the same issue; The pull out is cut off.  I am using Firefox 3.6.3

On your Blog preferences, try disabling convert line breaks.

Widget works great, but every time I load the page, I get a security message from IE asking if I want to display both secure and non-secure site is on a secure server, but the threatcon is not...any ideas on how to eliminate the continued message?  Have tweaked IE settings to death, but no luck...any help would be very much appreciated...thanks!

I am not sure what setting would address this, but I am running this in IE 7 and Firefox 3.6.3 without issues.
Was there ever a solution to this. I am experiencing the same issue on IE7, Chrome, and Firefox. I am also running Flash 10. 

Seems alot of people have the issue. I have tweaked the divs nine ways to sunday without much luck. Seems to be a Flash object size issue. 

Cool thing!
I would like to add this widget to my page. However, I am a novice and unsure what to adjust to make it appear flush right on my page. I can place it somewhat where I want it, but it looks extremely out of place.

@ Andipop, Shoot me a PM with the link to your site. I will take a look at the code, and maybe find a better location for the script to live on the page.