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Calling all NetBackup customers, we’d love to get your feedback at Vision 2013

Level 3

We have several user experience sessions between April 15th - 18th (PST) at Symantec Vision 2013 Las Vegas. Sign up to share your feedback with our Product and UX team. As thanks for your participation, and if permissible by your company policy, we will offer you a gift card redeemable at a host of online vendors. Please refer to the details below:

1.     NetBackup Storage Focus Group: Take part in a 90 minute Focus Group in which you will get to tell us how you want to see your storage overviews. We also want to know what information matters to you, so that we design keeping your needs in mind. For this focus group, we are looking for storage administrators who as part of their tasks manage or monitor storages in NetBackup. The session is scheduled for Monday 04.15 between 10:30-12pm and Tuesday 04.16 between 3:30-5pm.

2.     NetBackup SLP and A.I.R Monitoring and Management Focus Group: Participate in a User Experience Focus Group for Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) and Auto Image Replication (A.I.R) monitoring and management. If you use SLPs or A.I.R. and have encountered challenges managing them in their environment, this is your chance to interact and help us solve those issues. We will also discuss your monitoring and troubleshooting requirements. The session is scheduled for Monday 04.15 between 1:30-3pm and 5-6pm.

3.     NetBackup Licensing Focus Group: Participate in a User Experience Focus Group, where you can give us feedback on our new proposal for improving the NetBackup licensing. We will also discuss about your licensing requirements. We are looking for Backup administrators/architects interested in this topic. The session is scheduled for Wednesday, 4.17 from 2:30-4pm.

4.     1:1 Interviews: Join us for a short – 45 minutes interview to help us understand your daily tasks, role that you play in the backup/recovery domain. This is part of our team’s process to learn more about our users so that we design keeping you in mind . The insight gained from your interview will be extremely valuable to our understanding of your background, experience and expectations.  We invite you to be as open and honest as possible. Open slots are available on 4.16 and 4.18 from 9am-5pm. 

5.     Activity Monitor 1:1s: This is the chance to tell us the challenges you face while using ‘Activity Monitor’ in NetBackup.  Share your feedback on the new Activity Monitor design mockups in this 60 minute session with us. For this study, we are looking for NetBackup users who as part of their daily tasks examine jobs in NetBackup. Open slots are on Wednesday 4.17 from 7am to1 pm.



Next Step:  Please contact me at with the studies you are interested to participate in.

Looking forward to meeting you at Vision!