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Clearwell: Command line starting and stopping of services

Level 5
Partner Employee Accredited Certified
The Clearwell Utility & Clearwell Commander both have the ability to stop and start the services, both require you to be present to use them, that is they can't be automated.
Systems administrators from time to time need to automate the start and stop of Clearwell services in the small hours whilst actions are being performed on the server. Neither of the tools allow for this, but it is possible using b commands on the Clearwell appliance.
Below is an example that could be copied into a batch file to stop then start the services, this is an option 3 and 4 from the Clearwell Utility without the need for a key press.
REM Simple batch file to start then stop Clearwell services
REM V713 is used in this example, this may be different for your version
REM As might your drive CW is installed to (if version is 713 or above).
cd CW\V713
call b stop-services
net stop mysql
REM notify CW fully shutdown
REM do some stuff
call b start-services
REM notify CW is up
The above example was created on a V713 environment, for other versions it would be a matter of changing the change directory to CW\V7xx where xx is your specific version.
Please remember to take all necessary precautions before stopping Clearwell services, ensure all users are off of the appliance and there are no active jobs.