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Connect Dev Notes: 03 Apr 2013

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added a Workflow tab that authors can use to move their submissions through Connect's workflow states. This new feature also gives authors and Community Managers the ability to attach notes to each step of a submission's workflow. See the attached workflow image for an example.
  • Enhanced navigation in the forum area of the site by adding dropdown capability to the forum name in the main navigation. Hovering over the forum name now presents the user with links to the other forums in the current community.
  • Added a facet to the search results page that allows you to filter your search results by language.
  • Hyperlinked the community names in the main navigation so users can more quickly navigate to a target community's overview page.
  • Added new drop down filters to Video list pages to help users find videos based on their category; e.g. Demo, How-to, Overview.
  • Added code that hides the machine translation UI options (on Articles) when we detect that the machine translation service is down and/or not responding.
  • Improved Badgeville integration code to detect Connect users who are registered with the Badgeville system and to give those users the ability to select and display earned badges.
  • Added the ability to submit Known Issues in languages other than English.
  • Modified the timestamp format on Security Response blogs to align with their requirements.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Internet Explorer to display security warnings on certain pages.
  • Fixed a problem (expired client SSL certificate) with the VeriSign VIP developer download program.

Admin Facing

  • Added the ability for admins to bypass (for minor revisions) the code that automatically sets the "updated" timestamp. The new code lets admins update a submission (fix typos, for example) without changing the updated date.