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Connect Update #2

 Hi all - a few days ago I wrote about several changes we made in response to feedback this community provided.  Today, we're making several additional changes that I want to make you aware of.

One of the biggest concerns with Connect has been how to navigate to and post forum discussion threads.  We created a very flexible architecture that allowed you to post a forum discussion in more than one product board.  Unfortunately, this caused some confusion.  So, starting today, we are making a few changes to the forums to make them behave more like a traditional forum.  This will, of course, result in the loss of some of that fancy multi-tag functionality, but based on your feedback, ease of navigation is more important.  You asked for it, you got it.  Here's what we are doing:

FORUM LISTING PAGES:  Previously we had one listing page of forum threads for each community.  You would filter based on the product you were interested in.  This was confusing for many of you.  So, we are changing this to a traditional board-based navigation.  You'll select the product you are interested in and ONLY see those products in the list.  You will no longer be able to switch products using the drop-down selector

BREADCRUMBS: Several of you wanted to know how to get back to the list of forum posts you were viewing.  We've added breadcrumb paths to the top of forum detail pages.

imagebrowser image

FORUM PRODUCT SELECTION: Selecting multiple products for a forum thread caused some confusion so in the forums area, you are now restricted to posting the thread to one product board.  You can still tag with multiple topics and versions.  This restriction to one product ONLY applies to forums.  Articles, blogs, videos and other content types can be tagged with more than one product.

NOTIFICATIONS:  Several of you wanted to get e-mail notifications for any new content on a particular product.  We haven't had time to build it directly into the interface in a nice pretty way, but you can now go to the profile area, click the "notifications" button, select "tags."  Then just select which products you'd like to receive e-mail notifications about. (I realize this is rather difficult, we're working on making it easier to get to, but wanted to get the functionality out before we took the time to style it).

imagebrowser image

TIME ZONE SELECTOR: In your profile area you can select which time zone you are in.

MY ACTIVITY: We've added a "my activity" area to the user menu at the top of the page where you can see all your content and how many new comments there are on each.  You can also choose the "all activity" tab on this page and see the newest content across the entire site.

imagebrowser image

We are working on several additional features.  Stay tuned for more details.


The few changes you've implemented recently have certainly made it a little easier to navigate around - many thanks.


Hopefully there's more to come - e.g. "Read next in list" to save going back & forward?



I just clicked on a link from Google and found myself at the "classic" forum.


For a moment it was nice to be reminded what a technical forum could be.


Too bad you can't keep both forums running and sharing content. 



The site is really coming around.  I definitly like that you can now sort by recent posts on the forums page. 

Some more suggestions:

It would be nice to add the ability to sort by recent posts on the Articles section as well. 

Can you move the drop down for selecting which section of information we want to view.  I keep going to click on the forum and the drop down menu keeps going over when I am trying to click.  Maybe thats just me.

Still, I am sure everyone appriciates all the work you guys are doing to keep this forum a great place to go for help and support.  I know I will keep coming here knowing that.


Coming from a forum where you 'pulled on all doors that said pull on them' & 'pushed those that said push' it was a little disorientating to find that the normal rules didn't apply!!


Even if it wasn't a joke it still made me laugh ;-)

 I am thrilled to hear that "traditional board-based navigation" is coming back and coming back soon.

I am looking forward to the day when the same is true for the product blogs. My VP has been asking for the last year when NetBackup has a real fully featured blog - at this point I don't even have a relevant URL anymore.

The flattened approach where none of the postings live in a relevant hiearchy makes navigation very difficult. Think about implementing a navigation paridigm more like The NY Times Article Skimmer. What you have right now is like a newspaper where the headlines, obits, advertisements, comics and want-ads of a newspaper all appeared on the front page of the paper in no special order.

Why wasn't I complaining when you showed me the prototype? Good question. The prototype I saw wasn't quite as full of posts so I didn't visualize the navigation traffic jam. Next time I will pay more attention.

For a techinical forum full of "intelligent" people.. You would have thought less people would have had trouble navigating. haha. Bless there lil' cotton socks..


-EDIT- Yes. It's a light-hearted joke. ;-)

I'm currently browsing this site with Windows 7 (Internet Explorer) and I've noticed none of the drop-downs are working. By that I mean the "Me" "Create" & (currently) "Inside Symantec" topic notices. Any ideas why?

 AdrianC - I just tested with WIndows 7 and everything is working for me.  

Ok. Just me then. Machine hasn't been rebooted in over a month of fairly intensive usage. I'll see if that resolves anything. Thanks for giving it a go though.

Product blogs would be nice.  Also being able to name your blog something outside of Username's Blogs and to have a calender showing posts.

Right now i'm seeing a bug with my blog.  My Workspace says I have 10 blogs but when I go to I only see one of the ten which is the most recent).



I am not able to find the tab wherein I can see the total number posts by me or any members.

Pls help.



Think these have effectively been replaced by:

"Lifetime Points" in the users profile


The 'Pieces of Pie'

Both give an indication of how involved the user has been with the forum, blogs, articles etc.


When the new site was released, I was less than thrilled.  I've got to say that I am starting to warm up to it a bit with the recent changes and look forward to see what else you guys improve.  I particularly like the quick preview feature in articles and forums.  Would it be possible to have the pages remember how many listings I choose to see?

Thanks Ewenting - glad you like it.  The "number of listings" setting should be saved in your cookie.  Not sure why it's not working for you.  Perhaps you've got cookies turned off in your browser?  I'll do some testing and let you know if I find anything.

I've been trying to use My Unread to track new posts and content in Endpoint virtulization but a lot of content doesn't appear in it.  For example, today someone posted a reply to a blog from last June and while it showed in tracking (because I have a comment in that blog) My Unread says there's nothing new.

I've found over the past week that comments on articles and forum posts slip through and don't show up sometimes on this feature, I've found new forum threads by looking at the forum that weren't in My Unread.  This makes it hard to track comments and questions, especially if someone is posting in an older article that I've never commented on because we can't sort articles by recent comments nor do they always show up in My Unread.

 That's strange.  I'll look into that and let you know.

Found the problem for at least today's issue with My Unread, I'm not in the Endpoint Virtulization and Management group anymore. In fact I can't find that group in the groups list so I can't join.

But something that would be more useful is allow you to subscribe to specific tags, like products, for My Unread so I could see any tagged Workspace Virtualization and ignore all the management stuff that I don't work with.

Just a reminder: users (like me) who had an account on both STN and Juice still can't edit their profile.

The error message is "The e-mail address ..................... is already registered."




Can you consider disabling (or giving us the option to) the summarizing popup when the mouse hovers over a link in the forum.  I often follow what I read with the mouse pointer and it's starting to bug me that I continually have a popup obscuring the text of the rest of the posts.  It's a minor detail, and maybe no one else feels it's an issue, and in that case I will try to wean myself from the habit.

Where did the search content within a product version forum go? It seems like the search is covering the entire product line, such as I want to search the SAV 10 boards, not all AV boards.

 Jordan - you can subscribe to any product in the community.  It's hidden at the moment, but check the notifications area of your profile, then click on "topic" you'll find all the subscribe options there.

CommerceSNI - you identified something we are working on as we speak.  Searching by specific products will be added in the future.

David_Moore - David, I'll look into that, we thought we fixed that bug but if you are still experiencing it we'll need to dig a little deeper.

Hi It seems that I can't save my Timezone settings. Everytime I revisit the profile configuring thing, the timezone is set to "Africa/Addis Ababa", instead of "Europe/Zurich". (Maybe it's only a display-issue) Another thing: If I want to have the Comment Editor as "Plain Text only" all the time, I can't find a setting for it. I have to click on "Plain Text only" for every post... that's annoying Smiley Happy Cheers Michel
Oh, and once I switched to "Plaintext editor", the text on the bottom still reads "Switch to plain text editor", instead of "Switch to WYSIWYG" or something like this. - Just cosmetic.. Smiley Wink And Smilies would be great!!

And the automatic "Subject" thing is not very pretty...

Why not just leave it empty?


I will find more! Smiley Wink

"Forum analytics" seems to be a bit missleading as well.

Forums Analytics

  • 5222 Forums

5222 Forums in ?

Come on....!

More like

  • 1 Forums
  • 5222 Threads
  • 17941 Posts



On the Frontpage of Connect, on the bottom, where your article is linked, it states "0 Comments", this is definitely not true Smiley Wink If I try to change my profile's picture, it always reverts back to the one I have right now, not to the new one I upload. I do: - "Delete Picture" - Submit -> Picture is gone - Upload new one -> "OLD" Picture is back again, instead of new one Cheers

Can we disable the "Share this" section?

It's taking up really much space.

And a full-width-view would be great, too!

On my 1920x1200 Screen, about 640 pixels are used for the content, the rest is just wasted... Smiley Sad

Yes, this was similar in the old forums, but they had a much smaller font, and thus more visible content.



 Disregard:  posting entered later under proper forum.

speller in text box not work yet... please fix...

In the Juice was really helpful to see in the frontpage in all Forum discussions.

This feature is missing in Connect, and seem quite a little bit reduced compared to the Juice.

For example, add more space dedicated to the "Popular Discussions" and add a boxe where see the "Latest Posts" ("Community Feed").

I found not really useful in this section the "Poduct", there are other shortcuts or links available. Putting this part in the Forum page, leave less space for other parts.


MichelZ - I'm looking into the time zone issues you identified.  To answer a question regarding your profile picture, after you change it, make sure you hit the "save" button at the bottom of the profile screen.

We are currently working on a fluid design that will take advantage of the full real estate of your screen.

Thanks Peter The profile picture issue was a caching issue (on Symantec's end), after a while, the picture magically changed from the old to the new one... Smiley Wink Maybe this should be noted somewhere? Cheers Michel

Is there a way to display the real date and time of a post?  "3 weeks 6 days ago" makes my head hurt and is hard to compare to other events & logs that use a real date.


And, when browsing a forum (the list of topics/threads) is there any way to turn off (or delay) the balloon popup?  I have to keep moving my mouse to avoid the ballooon getting in my way of reading and center clicking to open a thread in a new tab.

...but I can't find a forum area for Recovery Solution anywhere.  I looked in the Backup and Recovery section and the Altiris Client Management areas, no this being added when the forums are migrated??

...but I can't find a forum area for Recovery Solution anywhere.  I looked in the Backup and Recovery section and the Altiris Client Management areas, no this being added when the forums are migrated??

Yeah, the new site really helped... NOT.

SOS, different day.


This is for e-mail notifications right?  I'm subscribed to Workspace virtulazation there-- I don't have a topic section under notifications only overview, tags and thread-- and haven't been getting any e-mails at all even though I know comments have been posted. And while e-mails are nice I tend to get a lot at this account so I don't keep connect notifications in outlook and so if I don't immediately go and look at the thread I may forget about it--which is why being able to go to a link on this site to see all I haven't read for a product would be nice.

 Jordan - this looks like a permissions issue.  Let me take a deeper look and see if I can get it resolved.


I subscribed to several topics and in my profile configured it for twice daily notifications.  It doesn't seem to be quite right.  Specifically, there are a lot of parts which say "[comment-url" which is then followed by another line with the actual URL after Read More.  Also a brief summary of all the new posts in each thread is included, not sure how necessary that is.  Maybe just say "4 new posts in this thread" or similar.  I suppose it is easier to show than try to explian; sorry for the long paste:

Greetings, KSchroeder.

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Hey .Peter, another issue. I was looking at the updated forums and sorting by recent replies is showing threads that were weeks old (one is 22 weeks old) with 0 replies at the top.  It would be nice, since you have a way to sort by 0 replies, to not have those show up in the top of recent replies.

Just saw that at the "My User Points" page, on the bottom, the "Points awaiting moderation:" is empty: Approved points Balance: 159 Points awaiting moderation: Net points Balance: 159 Cheers Michel

 MichelZ - that should actually be a good thing.  When you post content on Connect, you don't get points automatically, our moderators make sure you are not a robot spamming the site for points.  So at any given time you may have points awaiting moderation.  If the moderators have approved all your points you won't have any awaiting moderation.

PM me if that's not what you were asking and I'll sort it out with you offline.

I read connect articles through RSS feeds (google reader), when i feel the article is interesting i click on the link through Google Reader and connect page gets open in new tab.

Now if i want to comment/vote, i need to login, so i click on login button located at top of the page.

After login, it redirects to first page. now its very difficult to locate that page through address.

i think when we login to connect, it should display the page in which i am interested (the last open page) not to the welcome connect page.

My Company  using " Symantec Antivirus 10.2 Client-Server ", now my company  buy    Symantec Endpoint Protect 11 " So I can setup upgrade to ?

My Company  using " Symantec Antivirus 10.2 Client-Server ", now my company  buy  " Symantec Endpoint Protect 11 " . So I can setup upgrade on Sym Antivirus server ? ( not uninstall Antivirus Server )




Please post your question in the SEP area under Forums.  This thread is for discussing changes to the Connect site.

This has been very frustrating for me.  When I click a link out of email notifications, it forces me to login again (as it opens a new tab in IE).  It is like the login cookie (assuming there is one) only works with the initial window you open.  I know several others (in the Trusted Advisors group in particular) have experienced this.

.Peter: is this a known issue, and if so is there an ETA for fixing it?  Thank you!

KSchroeder - we are researching a couple of issues related to your logged-in state that we hope to have fixed shortly.  We need to do a bit more testing before we know exactly what is going on.  But it is an issue we are actively working on.

I don't know whether this was pointed out already, when i click on my profile picture icon [on the top of the page, next to - Me], it is redirecting the page to some other person's profile.

Try selecting either of Overview, Articles, Forums etc... buttons on "All of connect" and then try to click on your profile picture icon. It will rediret to either Admin's profile or somebody's profile but not your profile.

does anyone know how to change profile name?