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Connect Updates (17 Apr 2012)

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User Facing
  • Refactored "Activity Feeds" on home page and community overview pages to update more often.
  • Added optional Twitter feed to Event Group home pages.
  • Removed "Google Buzz" option from "Share" menu.
  • Solved an issue that was causing a fatal error when the events activity filter was selected from certain group home pages.
  • Fixed an issue with partner badges not showing up on comments and forum discussion threads that were posted by partners.
  • Fixed a TMI issue in the date drop down that displays when creating an email invitation to a published event.
  • Fixed links to RSS on individual blog pages to focus on target blog exclusively.
  • Fixed an issue with character encoding in the title of forum posts in the mobile theme.
  • Fixed an issue with the activity feeds on group home pages loading slow.
Admin Facing
  • Added a tool that allows admins to clear individual user caches to assist in troubleshooting user account issues.
  • Fixes an issue with vote actions not passing analytics info to Omniture.
UI Translation Translated the following UI elements into French, German, and Spanish:
  • New discussion
  • Mark as offensive
  • Escalate to support
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookmark this
  • Add this post to your bookmarks
  • This post has been added to your bookmarks
  • Unbookmark this
  • Remove this post from your bookmarks
  • This post has been removed from your bookmarks
  • My bookmarks
  • You have not yet bookmarked any content. Click the "Bookmark this" link when viewing a piece of content to add it to this list.
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  • Member Profile
  • Vote Stats
  • Votes on @title
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Behind the Scenes
  • Upgraded Admin Menu module to v6.x-1.8 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded Apache Solr module to v6.x-1.6 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded Nodewords module to v6.x-1.13 - maintenance release.
  • Upgraded the OS on all our servers to RHEL 5.8 -- Included updates to the Linux kernel and a ton of base packages (including Apache).