Connect Updates (21 March 2012)
  • Added code to render Connect on mobile devices.
    - Touch optimized
    - Automatic device detection
    - Ability to "quick switch" between the desktop UI and the mobile UI.
    - Platform support for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more than 20 other mobile platforms.
    - HTML5
    - Lightweight
    - Fast
  • Added the ability for Community Managers to make blog posts "sticky" so they'll stay at the top of blog list pages as long as they stay flagged as sticky.
  • Fixed an issue with the content submission form that was allowing users to edit a piece of content and remove its product association(s).

I absolutely LOVE Connect Mobile!

Just one small problem - buttons at the bottom of posts are too big (Mark as Solution, Edit, Delete, etc) - on my BlackBerry Bold they take up an entire screen.

I have reported this during UAT.

Great new feature Connect on mobile devices. It's really nice on my iPad!


We need to change the netbackup server`s IP address. Will this impact normal operation,(backup/restore).