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Contest: Tell Your Storage Savings Story
Return on Investment is critical when it comes to the investments you make in your data center. We want to hear how Symantec software has helped you quickly free up storage space to allow you to save money in the short term on hardware purchases—and we’re sure others in the community would like to hear your story, too. Win up to 8,000 Connect Points just for telling your story. (That’s enough to start you on your way to earning points for a Hawaiian cruise!) Here’s how the rewards program works:

  • For each article submission you will receive 1,000 Reward Points – that’s twice as many as regular submissions!
  • For each blog post you will receive 50 Reward Points – that’s twice as many as regular submissions!
  • The best article submission* will receive 7,000 Reward Points – enough to start you on your way to earning points for a 7-day Hawaiian cruise!
  • 3 runner-ups* will receive 3,000 Reward Points – enough to exchange for a 32GB iPod Touch, or Amazon’s Kindle Reader, or a Canon PowerShot D10 12.1MP digital camera!
  • 3 honorable mention recipients* will receive 1,250 Reward Points – enough for a Tom Tom GPS Navigation device!
Watch a screencast to see how to join the group and submit content.
Find Out How to Enter Your Story and Claim Your Rewards!

  • Symantec employees are not eligible to win rewards points.
  • Entries will be accepted until June 30th.
  • * As determined by a panel of Symantec experts.
Plus you get double points for your article or blog submission, and you could win up to 8,000 Connect Points (enough to start you on your way to earning points for a Hawaiian cruise!). How's that for motivation to share your story?
Will i get any points for my Older Articles?

Or this is applicable for articles coming after some dates ! 
Any articles with relevant and compelling data to support how Symantec storage, backup and/or archiving software helped you delay the purchase of storage hardware--and enabled you to cut costs--is welcome no matter when it was first written or published.
Do you expect customer's response to be publishes, or technical details to be published.
I have seen in one of the post for the contest, I have been awarded on 250 points instead of 1000. So getting an answer to the above question is imperative.

I still feel that if you say it's a 1000 points, it should be 1000 points.

Customers may submit detailed articles or blog entries with a fairly business-focused level of detail on how Symantec has helped them saved money. I hope I'm answering your question here...

Hello Tejas,

Thanks for your question about having points awarded. In order to be awarded double points for a content type (for example, 1000 points for an article), the submission must meet the guidelines for each content type - an article should be approximately 1500 words or longer, and include examples, screenshots, etc. Once your submission is reviewed, the community manager will award points if it meets the criteria of the contest and content type submitted. Wondering about the difference between an article and a blog post? Check out Leslie's blog entry which describes all of the content types in detail:

If you think you've posted content in an inappropriate content category (blog, article, forum, etc), you can always delete your original submission and resubmit in the best-suited category.

Hope this helps,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we've extended the contest close date until September 30, 2009.