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Customer Safaris

Level 4
My name is Elizabeth Teffner. I'm a Customer Research Analyst at Symantec. Our Customer Research group is organizing Customer Safaris to observe how NetBackup Administrators do their work.

What is a Customer Safari?

Customer Safari is where we come to your office and observe your day. Understanding how people work and go through their day helps us generate ideas on how we may make improvements or create new products or services. The best way to do this is to quietly sit and observe how a typical day for our customers goes.   
If you are interested, we are looking for 3 to 4 hours to sit with you and observe.  There will be little interaction except for occasional clarification question. Also, this is not a sales call!  This is strictly a customer research project. During our visit we will be taking copious notes, and would love to take some video (with your permission).

Why are Customer Safaris helpful?

Customer Safaris help Symantec better understand how people work, so we identify current pain points and find gaps in our products, and where we can make improvements. For you, it gives you the opportunity to help us get a holistic view of your work so we understand how best to develop solutions to make your work life easier and more productive. 


We are looking to schedule visits as soon as your schedule will allow.  
If your are interested, please fill out this quick questionnaire. If you have questions, please either email me or reply to this post.
Thank you so much!