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Don't forget to vote!
Hey folks!

I want to take a minute to remind you to revist your posts and mark them as solved.  I know that alot of times people will visit the forum only when they have a question and forget to go back and mark the thread as solved.  Hey we are all busy, right?  Smiley Happy

However, if someone has helped you out with a good post or solution you will reward them with points if you vote for their comment and mark the comment that solved your question as the solution. This also helps out the users that may have the same question find the releavant post that helped you.

Whilst we all get joy out of helping our fellow users the reward points aren't bad either.


Appreicate you passing on the word Tony :-)
Spread out the word and mark the correct answers as solution.
Not only for rewarding the person, but also for helping others find solutions very fast.