EV 2007 + VCS 5.0 screenshots
Here are some screenshots I took of a Enterprise Vault 2007 with Veritas Cluster Server 5.0 cluster of two nodes. The screenshots are of the VCS GUI, showing the EV resource tree, as well as a screenshot of Windows Explorer showing how the EV file systems (Indexes, Partitions, etc) are mounted on various drive letters from shared storage.

imagebrowser image

Hi Tomer,

Great Information!!

We have Exchange 2003 running in a cluster enviroment and distributed across to a failover site. Its working in Active-Passive-Passive mode. But there is no replication of data across the sites. We need a solution to provide replication/failover between the two remote sites. A solution which will automatically switch over between sites with minimum input from our side. Currently replication on both sites is being carried out using HP OpenView storage replicator. We do not want to replace the solution but instead want a symantec solution which integrate with this.

The solution also require to make EV highly available on the above mentioned architecture. Is there any possible way?

You mention that Exchange is already clustered, but there is no replication of daya... how then do you conduct any failovers? When you say A-P-P do you mean that the Primary site has Active-Passive (2 nodes) and the DR site has an additional Passive node? What replication solution are you currently using? (assuming MSCS?)

Veritas Cluster Server supports various replication solutions, including our own VVR, but also those from hardware vendors like EMC, HP, etc., and of course supports both Exchange and EV.  The underlying storage is irrelevent as far as VCS is concerned, as long as it's on the Hardware Compatibility List (here is the one for Storage Foundation / High Availability 5.1: ftp://exftpp.symantec.com/pub/support/products/Storage_Foundation_for_Windows/302144.pdf)

VVR (Volume Replicator) itself supports any application, since it maintains write order on the Secondary side (so, for example, Exchange and EV would be supported), and is hardware independent.

It's definitely possible from what I've seen of your config so far.